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Charge of Corruption (Back to work, more and more decoration)


I present...

My very first hack

Divided by chapters, I'm making this hack as something unique, with an original plot, gameplay, etc
There's hell a lot to do, but here's some progress:

Most supporting supporters:
Purple Sex


Support? Like the hack? Feel free to use.

If you want to check out the project with your own eyes, you can download a beta ips right here (BETA 4), but put in mind that it's NOT professional yet, some rooms still don't have enough decoration and there might be some glitches, bugs, typos, syntax errors, etc.

Suggestions? Opinions? All kind of feedback is appreciated.
This is looking really awesome!

The gameplay is overall very well done, and the levels are also very fun, they explore the different gameplay well.

The graphics look nice, no real problem with them and they fit well overall.

The music here is just incredible, you're a awesome porter/composer, and the songs used here are just awesome.
They are really well mad and fit well with the hack and the place they are used overall.

Overall this is awesome so far, really waiting for more! :3
Good to see you finally did your hack thread here.

And yeah, as far I played the IPS, I can say the same as Purple Rex, I think the music is one of the strong points of the hack, I'll be waiting for more updates here, just keep up the great job, bro.
Arctic, I finished the beta yesterday and I must say I'm digging this gameplay here (the flying ability was a nice addition btw). Also, level design is mostly okay, but I'm not very fond of the (a bit) excessive spikes and I feel that gameplay could be exploited better if you added more alternate/bonus paths in the levels, but it's still fun. I liked a lot the graphical replacements/choices you used, mostly because they feel dark, adding to the hack's dark atmosphere. There's something though that's been annoying me: when I played chapter 2, there weren't many (or any, if I'm not mistaken) plot explanations in it. It just felt like an empty level, storywise. Dunno if you already plan to add plot stuff into it, though. Forget it, looks like this level wasn't supposed to have plot things. Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing this finished. Good luck!

omg, double ninja'd

Edit: forgot about the music: very well done (or chosen)!

The Beta you played was the old one #w{xD}

Most of what you said is true, but in Chapter 1, I need the spike excess because in this chapter, the use of sprites (as enemies) has no sense, it would make the prision seem like a dungeon.

Chapter 2 is still under progress and it's even flatter in the beta you played, lol. But I'm still adding some more decoration and... hmm, Chapter 2 is like an escape through a tunnel, I don't know if I can add some more plot to it.
So chapter 1 is like a prison area? And chapter is the escaping! It fits the design so far these two chapters (as you said not 100% done)!

I will keep an eye to this hack...keep up!
I forgot to thank you all, lol. Anyway, here's the hack's compositions:

Music for the Fourth Chapter

First Chapter, as shown in the beta


Discord Sonata - Maybe remade in the future
Bleeding Truth

These 2 will be used in the penultimate Chapter.

All these songs are in my bio, but I felt like posting them here.
This is looking great so far, Having a good vibe 'bout this!
Just finished playing and it was amazing! I loved how unique the gameplay was. It only had a few minor issues but as this is a beta, that can be expected and it's totally fine, because I know that they'll be fixed! Can't wait to see more, keep it up! #w{=)}

Chapter 3 is a half done.

By the screenshots, it looks spriteless, but it's not.
Yay! Happy to see more of this hack! It's looking really nice, just as before! By the looks of it, this is a windy level? It could work nice against the flying mechanic. Keep it up! #w{=3}
Thanks! Tt's not a heavily windy level. I think it's too early to use something like that. But I used a cluster sprite (leaves) to give a windy hill atmosphere.
It looks great really! The way you used the Graphics seems quite unique to me... Keep it up!
C3 stuff: HDMA-Codes and Custom Music included!

1 Island Of Vanilla Feeling:

MaSeHiHa World 1:


Holy shit, those screens are really awesome! :3

It's looking very nice, expected of the screens you showed for me before, I also loved this "leaves falling" effect. Keep it up as always!
Love the graphics choices and the screens look awesome as well! It fits everything!

Keep going!
Very Good Graphics! Awesome hack! Can't wait for C3!
Amazing layout by JackTheSpades
Thank you all.
Ah, Chapter 3 is 100% finished. There's a nice final cutscene for this chapter, but I can't show it with screenshots, and I won't release the beta4 now, I'll get started with the Chapter 4 first.

Chapter 4 will be a gloomy forest. Its name is "Lost, smelling like dead" and the music will be that one shown in my bio.
Is part of the chapter 4 done or something?
No, I just got started with it. This is the tileset:

Wow! That background is beautiful! Keep it up, can't wait to see more! #w{=3}