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Super Mario TKO -- DEMO 1 RELEASED!
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It's really awesome to see this thing in the works again. :D

Anyway, the new stuff looks great. I like the idea of having multiples of items stored in the item box. :)
Layout by Mirann <3

I'm probably retired tbh
I knew we wouldn't be seeing the last of you. Curses indeed.

Loving the item box mechanics. The "stackable" items gimmick is a really nice effect - I could see it being used for some crafty puzzles.
Yay, it's not dead :P

Yeah, I agree with Iceguy about having the bob-ombs fall down already stunned.

Your layout has been removed.
Hey, long time no see, Dispari. I'm glad this hack is still being worked on (it is one of my favorite hacks). I thought I already saw the multiple-item thing and liked it, but yeah, things are looking good. I might have to agree about the Bob-ombs being stunned, though. Good luck porting everything over to Lunar Magic 1.71 (and don't forget about the imminent release of 1.72).


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here.
When I saw that you're not inactive anymore on SMWC, I knew something like this will come. :P
Awesome stuff, I'm so happy the hack is being continued. The release of LM 1.71 motivated you to continue it (like barely with BMF)? If yes, we should be double thankful to FuSoYa. :D I like the item box stuff, always a nice touch in hacks.
I... I thought this was dead...

Anyways, pretty nice work, and cool to see you've moved it over to the new LM. Can't wait to see more updates!

Good fucking bye.
Welcome back! I really thought this was abandoned prosject, but I was wrong. Nice item stacking you got there, it somehow reminds me of mario kart. I excited to see more from you because the demo was amazing.

Keep it up!

YES, this is back! I was thinking you'd given up.

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Oh Nice, one more of the good and old hacks is back. Nice!


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Need help with your Hack?
I'll be happy to help you with you Status Bar, anything.

Whoo TKO is not abandoned =D

YouTube <-- Let's Plays and stuff.
^ Made by Tahixham
It's great to see this back up and running. :>

Oh and as I had stated some time ago (has it really been a year?) nice work on the stackable items for the status bar. It's also nice to see that other items, other than the mushroom, have been added to the system. However, similar to what Iceguy stated, it might be best if the bob-omb fell in a stunned state.

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When I saw you log on last night, I almost shat myself >.>
Seriously, TKO was my favorite hack and still is, and it's great to see some updates.
Duke Nukem Forever is due to be released next year, Youtube has actually done smart changes (ignoring the bar) and SMTKO isn't dead.

Hell must of frozen over by now.

Anyway, I played some of TKO and enjoyed it, so it's nice to see it's not dead. The graphics and music are great, and I like the item box system.
Haha. I just read xmans post on the last page:

Originally posted by xman0444
I'd say October of next year
If it's any longer, I might die.
You missed by one month, boy, but at least you won't need to die yet =P

and I'm just curious: Is heisan still working on this, or is it just you now?
In a combination answer + update:

Heisanevilgenius is currently working on new music and sounds. Right now, our red coins and frog coins have fancy new sounds when collecting them to distinguish them from existing coins.
Ah sweet, this was definitely one of the better hacks out there, and on my favorites list. You need any graphics or something like that, and I'm the guy to call. Don't hesitate if you need help!
I have a suggestion that might make your item box physics a little smoother.

-For items like Mushrooms, Flowers, Stars, and Feathers, don't have them drop. Simply give Mario that powerup instead. This is assuming you've already hijacked the item box code allowing for you to do this somewhere there when you press select.

-For carryable items, set their status ($14C8,x) to #$0A (Item held) and it will pop right into Mario's hands when you press select. You might even set the timer for the bob-omb ($1540,x I think) so that it is ready to be thrown and asplode something.

Everything looks awesome here! I really enjoyed the demo, too. Can't wait to play the next version.
I seem to have gotten the multiple midway points patch working. That means long levels like Flint Hearth and Sky Tower now have more room for error, and castles can have a midway point before boss fights.
Originally posted by Dispari Scuro
Weird, this almost looks like SMTKO in Lunar Magic 1.71.

And this almost looks like a video with new graphics and item box mechanics.

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Awesome. I was wondering if you were still working on it or not. Dispari, you and Heisanevilgenius as well as Yoshicookiezeus and DSUltimate have inspired me to the next level in so many ways. The item inventory is awesome. My question is are these items purely for the Toad houses?

Really looking forward to the next installment whether its a revamped version of the demo already available or a new demo. Is Mouser's castle going to be playable, because I loved that video you posted last year and I would love to play it. Keep up the good work Dispari and keep inspiring us.

My Mini-Necky sprite is an example of how I combined work from both you and Davros to make a sprite.

<object width="500" height="405"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="500" height="405"></embed></object>

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Check my page to find more updates about my hack Super Mario: The Epic Journey.
So just a quick bump before the holidays.

I hate getting everyone's hopes up (especially my own). The problem right now is that Heis and I spent a lot of time and effort converting the hack over to the new version of Lunar Magic. And after all that we had it about 95% done and just had a few things to tweak.

The problem is, that last 5% is a serious pain. I mean, the new LM uses up almost all available RAM on the RAM map, and there's so little space for me to insert hacks and things with. There's conflicts with some really important stuff, and I can't get no-fade patches, SMTKO's custom Bonus Stars, or screen-scroll pipes to work. Those are like the only things holding up SMTKO from working with the latest LM, but they're seriously big things and we can't push on that way.

So SMTKO is sort of on hold again... for an indefinite amount of time, until we can figure out what to do. Either it's going to take a lot more work than I've already thrown away getting it to work, or we're just going to have to backpedal and use the old LM. Which itself is a pain after all the effort we put into making it work, especially considering we made some levels and stuff that take advantage of the new LM features.

The worst part is, as far as backtracking goes, I didn't keep track of where all the hacks were inserted in the old ROM because I changed them for the new ROM. So going back to the old version and having to update some patches may not even be an option.

What a pain.
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