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Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS

The Spy from Team Fortress 2.
That's right, a character that will NEVER make it in!
I just wanna say if people start posting characters without considering whether they could work in 4, I will come round their house and beat them. Anyway newcomers I want:

Travis Touchdown
The Lucario equivalent of X and Y

And a few others.
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Question: Who's "Villager"? Animal Crossing?
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A couple you may want to add in to the returning characters as they were in the trailer as well, Egadd:


Also, this reminds me of something posted on another forum that I'd like to bring up from about a year ago:

Originally posted by Nuzlocke forum, 6/22/2012
I know a list came out today with Japan's Top 20 most wanted characters (new and old) for the next Smash Bros game. I don't have it on me, but some highlights are Pit and Mario being 1 and 2 respectively. A bunch of Fire Emblem characters taking the Top 10. Dark Pit and Palutena making the list. And Hatsune Miku (Sega property FYI) placing #12 and beating out the likes of both Sonic and Fox McCloud.

Quite interesting indeed. What's most interesting is that Miku's on this list, and I'd kind of like to see how she'd work in Smash Bros. (It totally has nothing to do with me suddenly getting into Vocaloid music, nope.)

Other than that, as long as my man Luigi returns I'm good (he's my favorite in Melee and Brawl).
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For all the ones in the original 64 version will be back in the new one. They always are so that means my man Luigi and lass Jigglypuff will back in action once again!

I'm super stoked about the Villager been in game. With the stage in Brawl it was pretty much proven that Animal Crossing is a great Nintendo series so it deserved to get a character into this one! :3

I hope olimar returns and even mewtwo!
I'd like to see some cool choices for Pokemon characters like Doduo! ;D
Originally posted by Wiimeiser
Question: Who's "Villager"? Animal Crossing?

SMWC's official dentist since 2011.

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Um, your list is incorrect.

Pit's already confirmed, he was in the trailer and the Smash Bros. website shows him as returning.

My list:

Sure to return:

-Mr. Game & Watch
-Ice Climbers

Basically, if the character was in the first game, they're back; if they were in Melee AND Brawl, they're back. This, I'm sure is guaranteed. It makes sense that the true veterans of at least two games would return.

Who I'd like to see return:

-Mewtwo, but with a reworked moveset to not be so much like Lucario and play up his psychic powers more.
-King Dedede (and his big gay dance)
-Pokemon Trainer

Who I'd to see new:

-Eevee or one of its Eeveelutions
-Expecting a non-Waluigi character? TOO BAD. WALUIGI TIME.
-Even though it was a joke that was misread, Mallow
-A Paper Mario character.

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Originally posted by ZMann
A couple you may want to add in to the returning characters as they were in the trailer as well, Egadd:


Thanks, I tried to go to the website to have the offical list, but it was overloaded. I had to remember them off the top of my head #ab{@_@}

ninjedit: Riolu see above. Also, how did I put Pit in both my confirmed list and my wish list 0_o?
Mega Man? Well, the people now have another good reason not to buy XBox One :D (And he is designed pretty neat, too)

And Villager reminds me for some reason of Mr.Game & Watch. Neat.

And Samus seems to be pretty badass again, too. Yesh. YESH.

As long as Samus in dah suit is as good as in Melee I'm happy.
I didnt believe it when I saw Megaman in the trailer.. but he fits in so well!

Anyway I hope for Sora from Kingdom Hearts in it or Neku from TWEWY :3
I'd definitely wanted Absol from Pokemon in SSB4 as well as Agent J from Elite Beat Agents. Speaking of Elite Beat Agents, I didn't know you like EBA, I liked this game as well.
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Thinking about making a Rainbow Magic thread at the Media forum.
Originally posted by Luigi-San

Bet we all saw that coming!
Originally posted by Luigi-San


she surprisingly fits well
no pun intended
. i will prolly main her
Considering Wii Fit is like one of the biggest sellers on the Wii it kinda makes sense and... well I freaking love how random this character is!

Also it helps add more girls into the smash bros. serires! :3
Me, my brother and my sister agree: W.F.T is an amazing character. It reminded us about the time fighting the polygon stuff in Melee. Good times.

Furthermore, she is as unexpected as MR.GW, so yeah, she could be amazing :D
Originally posted by Luigi-San

See, I actually want more of this. This shouldn't be a collection of characters from a couple of their big name series, it should be a amalgamation of the entire Nintendo universe. Like how a DJ samples everything, rare to common, the roster should be like that too.

I'll go ahead and update the OP :D
The vets I would love to see return would be:
Meta Knight
Toon Link

C'mon, Nintendo, I would love to see those guys return.
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Thinking about making a Rainbow Magic thread at the Media forum.
I actually really like the WiiFit Trainer in Smash Bros. Not only is it kinda funny, but the character actually seems to be quite cool and fun to play, too. And it shows that the developrs of the game definitely aren't out of ideas yet.
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