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Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS

What about the winner(s) of the Smash Ballot? Didn't they said they would be announced this month?

Hyped for the announcement, though.
I have nothing else to say now. Huh...
They never said anything about the ballot. But I'm sure we might see something related to it in the broadcast considering it is the final one for Smash Bros.
Originally posted by Bad luck man

I call bullshit, they will probably announce more DLC by Mars or so.
Don't understimate the Nintendo, they are always serious.
Originally posted by Najeraldo
I call bullshit, they will probably announce more DLC by Mars or so.

Ah yes, of course, they'll go all the way to Mars to announce more DLC for Smash Bros.

I mean, it's already been a year since Smash 4 was first released, I think that's enough DLC.

Originally posted by Roberto zampari
Don't understimate the Nintendo, they are always serious.

"Mars" was just a random date, it wasn't meant to be taken literally. Sakurai already contradicted himself several times, remember when he said there wasn't going to be any DLC for smash? Well, I wouldn't be surprised if this "final" announcement wasn't final. Not saying it will necessarily be that way, though.
It's not the final announcement, just the final broadcast. As in, we might see more announcements, just not broadcasts completely dedicated to Smash Bros.
Smash Direct Info:


(That would be the protagonist of the upcoming Fire Emblem Fates, btw.)

(protagonist of the Bayonetta (duh) series, and winner of the fan ballot)

Both Corrin and Bayonetta will be released in February.

New Mii Fighter Costumes

Geno, Chocobo, Tails, Knuckles, Ashley, Gil, Takamaru, Bionic Armor

Geno and Chocobo will be released later today (alongside Cloud), the rest in February.
Bayonetta is cool, but another FE character? Yuck. Though, I must admit his moveset looks like a blast.
I guess we can't complain about a lack of Fire Emblem representation anymore, lol. Didn't expect Bayonetta either, but damn.

Hope they're as fun to use as they looked in the direct.

and lol that geno costume, damn it sakurai #lm{owspr}
Layout by Mirann <3

I'm probably retired tbh
It feels like the costumes are a way to say "no we're not gonna make this character", lol.
Welp bye Knuckles #tb{:(}

Bayonetta is cool tho, wasn't expecting her at all, but nice, zero suit Samus won't be the only hottie anymore #wario{>;P}
And so the hype train has reached its final stop. This really was the last of Smash DLC. Great to see it finally end. Now we dont have to wait for any more characters. Maybe they will still make balance patches after Febuary? Probably not unless they have to fix any major glitch or broken character combos. Once they stop development the competitive scene can finally play their characters without fear of them getting any changes that would greatly affect them. So far this time's balance patch doesn't seem to affect any high tier characters and only buffs lower tier ones. Ganon, Kirby and Mewtwo got some neat buffs. I still want to see defense nerfs. Bayonetta (the game) has this thing where if you dodge too many times in a row, you trip and do a recovery animation. I think they should do that in Smash.

I played with Cloud for a while and he's pretty great. You have to be charging Limit Break the whole time, all his charged specials are crazy strong. His recovery is really bad without the Limit breaker but he can at least wall jump. Overall, still a good character. I can see him high on tier lists.

The stage got kinda lame soon. Mostly because of the lack of music variety. Only 2 tracks and they sound kinda dull, not even remixed.

Can't wait for Bayonetta to release. She is the character I am hyped for the most. I don't think I actually cared much for any of the other newcomers at all as much as this.

As for Corrin, I seriously doubt ANYONE from the USA or Europe seriously wanted this guy in. Maybe he was taken into consideration from the Japanese ballot? They never did mention anything about the japanese results in the Direct. Feels more like a PR stunt for Fates being released in the rest of the world soon considering the release date is also Febuary. Kind of a slimey move on them, actually. Should have promoted something without major recognition like Rhythm Heaven instead.

I do wonder if they'll publish the ballot results, I want to know who America's top 5 were, as they said "negotiable characters", probably Shrek, Goku and other dumb things. Maybe they'll take into consideration some of the top (negotiable) results from all regions for the next Smash game, if it is ever made.

I'm kinda bummed that after all this, Snake is still not back. It is certainly because of the Konami and Kojima debacle. I'm sure Nintendo reached out to Konami at some point but they did not allow it even though Kojima did say he would rike to see him in the game. It is sad to see a game featuring every major japanese game company's characters and not seeing Snake in it, especially when Brawl actually did feature him. Fuck Konami.
Corrin had nothing to do with the ballot, they were just put in because Sakurai wanted to.
And out of all the FE characters I gotta say Corrin looks the best, the dragon limbs all look kind of silly, but it's a pretty creative gimmick. dem feet kreygasm

Bayonetta is no Shantae, but she'll do I guess. Her taunt looks OP though.

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rip the pichu dream boys
Originally posted by lolyoshi
rip the pichu dream boys

And Ice Climbers (Would of liked solo ice climbers)

These new characters look awesome. Can't wait to use em.
So who do you guys main in competitive scenarios.

For me, it's Fox and Diddy Kong. Banana tricks and set-ups for days.
I mostly play Fox, Mario, and ZSS. Aggressive characters to fit my aggressive playstyle.
I play mostly Fox and Marth but I like alternating between other characters, too (namely Mario, Luigi, Peach, DK, Bayo, Doc, Shulk and Ness). Never played in a local tournament, though. Someday I actually want to organize one in our town but there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of people into smash here.

I wish Smash had a Marvel-like mode that lets you pick different characters per stock much like Project M has. Especially now that the character counterpick meta is rising in Smash 4. Might make things more interesting in tournaments.
Usually Robin, Lucina, Luigi and Mewtwo. At least these are the characters I feel the most comfortable with.
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I think it's better than Melee.