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The object to your right is now your weapon against the zombie apocalypse

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Well, it's simple, you have to say what object is on your left and how you will use it against the zombie apocalypse.
Guess what? This signature is a lie.
The title says right, but the post itself says left... what?

R: Blow-up Snake Sword
L: A door

Not like this complies with 1 and 2, though.
I'll just use my hands, thanks.
A cellphone.

I can either a, use its radiation to explode the zombies' heads, or b, call Jesus.
A ventilator.
I can use it to shred any zombie in my way.
През горите, през полята, под звездите, над житата
My Android.

I use it to blow their ears out with grindcore.
To the right: Some guns hidden in a safe in my parents' bedroom. (What? You never specified how far to the right.) Assuming I could find some ammo, I could use those... assuming of course that I managed to get the safe open. Worse comes to worse, I find a crowbar and pry it open. Or something.

To the left: My mug, or my computer. In the former case, it's ceramic (and fucking tough), so I could probably beat the fuck out of some zombies (and maybe even a Witch or two) with it before it breaks. Hell, I could even kick ass and sip beer (who gives a fuck that I'm underaged?) with it. In the latter case, I can order some actual weapons and then smash zombie heads in with this heavy-ass piece of shit. Hell, while I'm ordering those weapons I'll buy a new computer- I need one.
Want to see some of my cool swords? Well, too bad, right now you only get to see one of them, and it's my avatar. Might set up some kind of gallery/portfolio at some point, though.
Right: An air conditioner, that would be a hefty hit to the face!

Left: A couple of 20 pound weights. Yeah, those would be fun to cause some damage with =D

@Akireyano: Hahaha, do not wanna know how that is gonna go down...

Left A wall .-. How will i even..
Right A printer? Yeee
Originally posted by Protoman
@Akireyano: Hahaha, do not wanna know how that is gonna go down...

You don't wanna know how it's gonna end, I may not come back alive.
Nah, I'll be back!
... great. A drink's container is my weapon against the zombie Apocalypse.

Why, I say. Why. That's all I'll get to say too, since the first zombie I see will eat me.

- BlackMageMario
Right: my CPU... hummm... guess I can use its fans as ninja stars...? *dead*

Left: my wallet... hummm... guess I can pay for them to go away...? Yeah, out of luck here. *dead*
Right: A battery-powered fan. Frick that's amazing.

Left: A small stack of pokemon cards. Some really good ones too! If only they were real.

(previously superdragonyoshi1. sup yall.)
A rubix cube. Puzzle them to death!

And also a wall. I suppose i can tear out a chunk and use it as a zombie shield.
To the right: a Nokia phone.

Well I now can live against the zombie apocalypse. I have the invincible phone.

To the left: Vanilla Wafers

...feed them? *DEAD END*
Right: Wad of tissues.

Left: Empty teacup with a spoon in it.

I totally got this.
shirt status: not on
Left: A small pot. Works just like a frying pan.

Right: A printer. It can cut zombies, with Paper cuts! Heh, get it? Paper CUTS? It can also splat Ink at them!

I could do well.
I have nothing else to say now. Huh...
Left: My Archimedes plush? #smw{O_O}

Right: My Nintendo 3DS? #smw{._.}
Okay, I have a sword that I can use to annihilate zombies on my way. If they don't disappear, I'll just call God and end up with it.
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