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The object to your right is now your weapon against the zombie apocalypse

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L cape
R cape in storage
wanna learn asm?
Left: A Game Boy Advance, with Super Mario World in it.
Right: A Mouse.
...I'll just beat em' till they die again.
Left: Luigi Plush
Right: Older Calculator.

I'll beat them with luigi.
Then i'll give 'em a math riddle.
>Mark danced crazy!
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Left, my backpack with books and pencils inside.
Right, a paper on surface tension and its effect on insects.

Welp. I'm screwed.
Your layout has been removed.
Left: My limited edition Kasen figurine
Right: My drawing tablet or a box of Pocky

More screwed than you
Let's milk Sunny Milk. Then she'll have enough money to fund Sunny Milk Real Estate.
Everypony's digging with a shovel
Left: Doc Scratch's "deudly firearm"
Right: Ahab's Crosshair.

Right: Wii U Game Pad. I can try to survive in ZombiU and learn what I can do better.
Left: a Game Boy Pocket. My Pokémon will help me.
Also on my left: 15€ and 10 cent. I can deal with the zombies.
Bottom Text

A food bag, How powerful.
Left: PC
Right: Cupboards, discs and misc. crap
hmm... I could bash them with the PC...
thx to e r i k for layout
I've got an empty pepsi can...

Left: The same wall as before.
Right: A bigger chair and my brother's gold 3DS. Also a small table that I can throw at the zombies while I escape. #smw{>:)}
Usually inactive/procrastinating on a hack idea.
Left: 2 Closet doors
Right: A lamp

Uhh, no. I don't think I'll survive with these.
"We want a butter! Not a broken ladder! Hahahahahaha!"
Now that I'm actually in my room, I'm surrounded by stuff I can defend myself relatively well with...

To my left: a 24" CRT TV, a few old game consoles, shelves containing junk that won't be useful, and a bowling pin.
To my right: two bowling balls (my old 9lb and my current 12lb), more shelves of junk, a whole bunch of Lego (scattered across the floor, that stuff could even stop zombies), and... oh yeah, a Genesis Pro bow and six arrows.

I seem to have gotten myself involved in a bunch of hobbies that can potentially injure people. ._.
Oh well, works for fighting off zombies.
Left: A small plate, a bible (NIV), two pieces of paper.
Right: A printer, a modem and a router.

so screwed
Left: A water bottle
Right: A pack battery which is still closed

Wuhh yes yes the zombie apocalypse is coming!
Originally posted by Spiderpig2398
The title says right, but the post itself says left... what?

Well, to my right is an Ibanez electric guitar, whereas to my left is... A coaster.
I much prefer the object to my right.
"You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?"
Layout by Hinalyte.

Originally posted by Alcaro
No more Frodo Baggins shenanigans


Anyway, to my right is a big pair of headphones. I could use these to choke them.

To my right.....

...A small USB flash drive pouch on top of a piece of paper...

Well, I hope you mean right, otherwise I'm screwed.

EDIT: I didn't realize this was a bump until after I already posted it.
The handomest people in the world are ones who follow my Twitch
Left - A paper scissor. Well, I'll cut them to death!..
..dead end! Game Over!

Right - A carpet. Wow, this sure will be useful!..
..dead end! Game Over!
My 3DS.

Fuck that, I'm not using my beloved handheld #tb{^^}
Left: A broom
Right: Some bags

I'm so fucked.

End of this message.
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