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[W2] Bridge Builders

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I've made a new level revolving around spike tops who will build bridges (you'll see #smw{;)})


Link to Level
Good level.

-The Spiketops are too fat for the pots
-Only the first power up can be a tier two, which seems inconsistent.
-It's a bit short.

Also note you can use nearly block, if you feel like making realistic bridges.
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Nice Level! I really enjoyed the concept of this level and liked how you managed to spice things up a bit with the yellow switches in the second half.

Nothing else to say except what Septentrion Pleiades already mentioned.

Good Work! #smw{:TUP:}
Thanks for the feedback!
I've changed the level accordingly.
I'll submit this level for quality control if nothing else is found.

Early-Mid Game

One of the coolest concepts I've seen so far. I'll give you props for taking a minor physics thing (perhaps a bug) and making an incredibly enjoyable level around it.
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