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Your greatest fear
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Moths. They scare me.
Hmm.. I thinks it fits better in Talk forum.
-The blue, uncanny-valley humanoid being from Ao Oni (Blue Demon)
-Soichi Tsuji from Soichi's Diary of [whatever]
-Those huge-butt Tokay gecko. (I don't afraid of day gecko and leopard gecko)
Injuries and/or death, or rather that most of my fears boil down to that.
I'm not one for irrational fears, I used to be deathly afraid of the dark, but over time and by living alone for over a year at the age of 15, that's pretty much passed away on its own.

A lot of people probably call me a coward/no fun over it irl, but I am not ever going to attempt any athletics for the sake of them (eg somersaults, jumping high on a trampoline) simply out of fear of hurting myself in a retarded way, or, as seen in some of them good old gore .gifs, dying.
I am rather squirmish around sharp objects as well and yell at my brother for playing around with scissors or a (butter) knife at least once a week.

Out of all the people I know, I'm probably the only one to wait at red stop lights when no car is in sight, too.

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Jeff Goldblum. Just something about him gives me the creeps.
Originally posted by leod
Injuries and/or death, or rather that most of my fears boil down to that.

This. The injuries just creep me all night.
This green guy.

No but seriously, I'm deeply afraid of heights, especially when it involves being upside-down, like when doing bungee. Roller coasters fall into this too.

Also death.
Death. I mean, i don't wanna die. With just short age i don't i should pass-away from life that easily.

Heights- Yes, I'm an acrophobic. "nuff said.

Spiders- My god, I hate these hairy crawly things! It's so creepy to know that these things have actually has 8 legs and a lot of eyes. I can't see a tarantula without going crazy or insane.

Cacti- Oh dear, A new phobia after going shooting with my dad and his friend.

That's all for now...
When Clint Eastwood gets angry. 0_0


Surgery. I don't want someone with a scalpel fucking with my insides.

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I'm busy IRL. I'll come back someday, but until then, I'm taking a break.
Originally posted by MoosieGames
Surgery. I don't want someone with a scalpel fucking with my insides.

I don't say death, because everyone knows they will die sometime, so I don't let myself get scared by it (plus I'm a pretty religious person).

I used to be fear of dogs, but we had a puppy for a while so I pretty much got over it.

So I guess I have left... Popping ballons? Whew. That noise just creeps me out.
These, plus:

1) dying without accomplishing some things I consider important;

2) having a "too busy to do something I like" future;

3) radiation, nuclear bombs/wars, etc.
Originally posted by Akireyano

This. Even if I know that this fate will meet everyone eventually, it doesn't mean I want it to.

...or not. Actually, the way technology is advancing, people are already working on achieving immortality by downloading your mind to a machine. That way, when you die, it actually isn't that much of a problem. It may be accessible to everyone by around 2075 or 2080, but the rich may be able to go for 2050.

Because of this, my fear is still death, but in the way that I want to live long enough for this to happen.
Steven Moffat.
'Nuff said.

don't click this link...
-The monster clown from SMW hack The Haunt, seriously. It is strongly advised not to find that secret unless you're brave enough. (Also, for another reason please don't post the picture of that clown)
-Death, yes. Because I don't want to die at young age.
-Jeff the Killer, see for yourself.
My only true fear is of flying insects. Anything with 6 legs and wings, and I'm outta there.#fim{o_o}

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I have a fear of life.
Originally posted by Pokeymeister80
Jeff the Killer.

Oh my god! I'm also afraid of the same thing! But also reminds a Little bit of the billy puppets from Saw

Originally posted by King Dedede
I'm deeply afraid of heights


But I am of an inevitable nuclear war, or huge asteroid that the government would not tell the worlds people for fear of global panic.

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