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Dark Side of the Kingdom - No, Seriously
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Here my level.

Also world 8 looking good. #ab{8-)}
@Sockbat, accepted. Go ahead and send in the resources.

@Neidave, yeah, added and everything. Feel free to do another!

@Pokeymeister, added.

@Buried Alive, rejected.

Every palette here ranges from not fitting (? Blocks) to horrendous (logs).

Is this needed?

The spikes are near invisible.

The first problem is that this level is much closer to a Spirit's Lair than Hell Valley in atmosphere. None of the aesthetics match Hell at all, and most of the parts don't even match the other half. All of the pipes, blocks, and other miscellaneous things stick out like a sore thumb. The second problem is that the design is lazy. The first section wasn't fun to play at all, and mainly consisted of varying difficulties of dodging Boos (and some random Koopas). The second section is running through masses of Boos with Starman. For this level to be accepted, it pretty much needs to be done over. If you want to drop it and do something else, that is perfectly fine.

New BaseROM!

Originally posted by log
> Level 006 by mrdeppelman has been added.
> Level 10E by Neidave has been added with numerous changes to frequent cloud cutoff and adding a screen of decoration at the end of the level.
> Level 117 by Superkingyoshi has been added with a section and palettes tweaked.
> Level 110 by Sockbat Replica has been added.
> Level 00A by Egadd has been completed. Feel free to test it out, I've only done rudimentary testing for bugs and such.
> The entire hack has been ported to a new ROM, which fixes a bug with OW manipulation and Level 101 working.
> A few sublevels still hanging out in the back of the ROM have been moved to 47, 48, and 49.
> The Generic Boss theme by Dragonfly has been added.
> The Sarasa Land submap by Pokeymeister80 has been added.
> Last second addition, the Badlands theme by Moose has been added.

Buried Alive, the problem with level 101 is the custom music. Set the music to No Music and it should work fine.

Taking Grass Caverns in Music.
Ok,I will drop level 118 and work on 11F.
OK, cool. Added you to the list.

Here's my Grass Cavern composition. It's got this eerie RZA type sound with a really trippy beat near the end. Tell me if it's good and/or fitting. It can really work as numerous different things.
Originally posted by Egadd
@Sockbat, accepted. Go ahead and send in the resources.

My Youtube Channel
My Soundcloud
Alright guys, I am going to be away from my computer from Monday to late Saturday. I will still be able to post, but I will not be able to test levels or music. Keep submitting though! Others can give criticism as well, and Buried Alive and X-cniS can moderate levels and songs.

I'll also be taking level 122.

Still waiting on
Metal Jo - Level 3
K1ngHacks - Level 5
ErikAlay - Level F
X-cniS - Level 10
mrdeppelman - Level 11
Schiber1234 - Level 1A
sleepy - Level 106
Purple Rex - Level 115
Jonny - Level 11E
Buried Alive - Level 11F
Dipalon - Level 123

The statistics will be updated sometime in the next hour.
Originally posted by Egadd

Although a bit short, this sounds pretty nice. If you want, I could port this for you while you're away (unless you've already done so, of course).

e: I suppose I should give an update of my own, as well. I am working on my level off and on, but for now I'm mainly focused on the composition for my level (it's not on the list, but I've confirmed it with Egadd in a PM). I'd say I'm about halfway done with the composition and about a fifth of the way done with the level. I'm still trying to come up with a good gimmick--currently I have most of the basic structure complete and that's about it. If anyone has any ideas, a PM would be appreciated. Expect another update somewhat soon.

soundcloud / bandcamp / twitter / battle of the bits / buy our album
Yeah, it'd be great if you could. Porting is not my strong suit, and it shouldn't take more than 15 min to do anyway, it's short and somewhat simple (except for the drums).

Also, take your time with the comp and level!

soundcloud / bandcamp / twitter / battle of the bits / buy our album
Perfect! I'll go ahead and add it to the ROM.
Just wanted to say two things:
1. I'm still working on my level, I just had not much motivation doing so in the last months.
2. I'm not completly sure but I thought MetalJo quit hacking? At least it says so in his Profile and he also told that to me a few times 3: So I guess he won't finish his level (unless for some reason he starts to hack agin).

My YT channel
I would love to finish his one, id that's possible.
Never mind the post I just deleted, MetalJo and mrdeppelman have both been banned. That means that over half of the main leaders have been booted off the site (though Q-bee went out with shreds more dignity). May I say to the volunteers, please refrain from getting stupidly kicked off the site. Also, sorry OHN.
Sends in the update for submap, but you know the drill:

EDIT: Edited the link.
Can I please do the Title theme? I've got a song already written for it...

Nixon's the one.
Kewl, I'm back and ready to get back to work (it's hard making up missing ~5 hours of sleep every night for a week plus Jet Set Radio). Lemmy, you're good to go. Pokey, I'll go ahead and add that. If I can get some sprite issues worked out, our next base will be ready to go by the end of this week.
Title screen
There it is. If you were going for a different style for it, I can always write another one.

Nixon's the one.
Originally posted by LemmyKoopa
Title screen
There it is. If you were going for a different style for it, I can always write another one.

Accepted w/ minor modifications

It sounds perfectly fine composition-wise, but the port needs a little bit of work. I'll take that issue into my own hands, and PM it to Egadd once it's finished.

soundcloud / bandcamp / twitter / battle of the bits / buy our album
Just wanted to say I am still working on my level.
Here is just some progress to show.

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