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The best april fools joke ever. (Warning! people have been putting NSFW topics in here!)

Title is self explanatory. Share the best april fools joke you know about.

My favorite one would be telling my cousin (Who was hospitalized at the time) that they overdosed him on anesthetic and he slept through April Fools.
Thank you for making Outrageous Mario World the 11th most downloaded hack on the site!

Ham Sandwich progress: v1378 (Now with more arbitrary version numbering than ZGC!) Waiting to get around to working on it again.

I occasionally stream ROM hacks on Yoshi Lighthouse's Twitch account. Be sure to check it out!

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Kill someone and say that the person that's dead is a family member.
Adult Swim's 2012 prank. Oh dear god, that was great.
twitter is basically where im at now
Originally posted by Me in this thread
Kill someone and say that the person that's dead is a family member.

You know? Forget what i say, Kill someone for real. That should be really fun. Until the cops finally get you


Have sex with a rabbit, and serve the rabbit at dinner.
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I'm busy IRL. I'll come back someday, but until then, I'm taking a break.
Dress up in clown costumes and beat/rape a middle-aged couple while singing "Singing in the Rain".