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SMW: Replica (Updated 11 Jan 2018)

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Super Mario World - Replica
I've been developing a hack for a long while, called Super Mario World: Replica.
Story: placeholder lol
REDOING ALL THE LEVELS (keeping the same setting and stuff)
The features of this hack are:
-custom music
-custom ExGFX
-custom sprites
-custom bosses (soon to be added)

Here are some screenshots:
Title Screen

Outdated screenshots:
World 1

Level 1 - The Begining

Level 2 - Grass Cave

Level 3 - Jungle Boogie

Level 4 - By the Beach

Level 5 - Forgotten Cave

Level 6 - Nightfall

Castle 1 - Mysterious Castle (needs a little work)

So yeah after 6/7 years of this hack first being in development and around 5 years after it ceased development, I am back at it.
The hack will be better than ever and hopefully finished this time.
The outdated pictures are here for now. Just for reference I guess lol

also an edit: i've lost quite a bit of knowledge about smw hacking so it will take a small amount of time to relearn this stuff. also does anyone mind if i don't use capital letters, lazy boi here
I will go over each level:

  • Title Screen
  •           Nice graphics although the actual title level (C7) is empty. Maybe you could make a title level to spice up the screen.
  • World 1
  •           Nice little submap although some of the decoration could be a bit varied and not grouped in one place. What is up with the random star
              down there? Also you have not put those black lines (whatever they are called) under some of the curves in the submap and you have an
              unnecessary one as well.
  • Level 1
  •           Looks like a good level. No major design flaws here that I can see. The lower tiles of the item box have no black outline so it looks weird.
  • Level 2
  •           Looks a bit bland and does not look like much of a cave. Reminds me of a level from my first hack.
  • Level 3
  •           There are sprite memory issues here (as shown in the last screenshot) and the background has cutoff.
  • Level 4
  •           Looks more like a hill/sky level than a beach. Like level 2, it is a little bland.
  • Level 5
  •           I do not enjoy those kind of small areas in that bone-maze. Try to open it up a little.
  • Level 6
  •           Seems nice like level 1. Nothing much to say here.
  • Castle 1
  •           I would like to see more screenshots before I comment.

    Not a bad hack you have here.
    Thanks for the feedback!
    As for Level 3, I plan to re-do it. The backround is a little dull, and level design isn't very good.
    Will add more screenshots on the castle, after I improve it.
    So far, I like the design on your hack. The 3rd and 4th images remind me of the backgrounds in Mario Gives Up. I also like your title screen, with exeption of the "c" in replica. It looks more like an "e" so i recommend to try to repair/fix this. You're going good~! Don't give up on this. Not like i do
    The hack looks great. I'd love to beta-test it if you wanted.
    Try my Kaizo hack!

    I am a Bug Tester, Play Tester, and Proofreader.

    Will accept other hacks.

    Currently Testing: Nothing!

    PM me if you want your hack tested.
    Thanks for the positive feedback! It's not in beta stage yet, first three worlds are done, about three more to go. I will post more screenshots as I finish levels. And don't worry, I won't give up on this :)
    I was intended to give feedback in it earlier today but lost track of what I was doing lol.

    Given a first look, this looks like a decent hack. It seems you're good design-wise. However, in some of your screenshoots, the graphics don't look very good. I'm going to avaliate it in parts, like Everest did.

    Storyline: sounds cool, not really complex but it's much better than the regular "rescue Peach" one. :P

    Title screen: like already said, just a plain color background looks empty. I suggest either making a level or adding some kind of drawing or scene in there.

    Submap: not one of the best I've seen... Like Everest said, it looks kind of plain. Also it would look fancier if you actually added tiles where the island touches water, so it won't look like it's indefinitely high or something.

    First level: looks pretty good! The second screen looks like it lacks eneimes, though, but it could be just about the place you took it.

    Second level: corners issue flagged!

    It looks like this:

    ...While it'd better look like this:

    Other than that, it looks good. Not a true fan of piranhas coming out of land, but it's not a big of a deal. Also I guess more decoration would be a nice touch.

    Level 3: well, I see you're going to redo it so... Just a little tip, be careful with clashes. Make sure all graphics in your hack fit with each other, so it looks more consistent. ;)

    Level 4: then again, more decoration would be good. But I like how the background looks like and the atmosphere is pretty good for a beach level.

    Level 5: to be honest, I don't like when people abuse of those bones. I reccomend you using land tiles instead; you can do some map16 shenaningans with the land graphics so they will replace the bones perfectly. But then again, it's just a suggestion.

    Level 6: not a fan of the foreground palette. It looks too dark and low-saturated. Otherwise, this level looks pretty cool; the background is pretty fitting!

    Castle: good background graphics. I can't tell consistently anything about the level design since it doesn't show much of the level, but it looks good from this screenshoot. It asks for new foreground graphics though!

    I'm like what I'm seeing overall. You seem to be pretty decent at level design, which is certainly the most important thing in SMW hacks. Good luck! :D
    I've finished world 3 now I am making world 4. I've also redone Jungle Boogie, Forgotten Cave and some edits at Mysterious Castle.
    I will post some more screenshots later!
    Originally posted by Trollope

    Level 3 - Jungle Boogie

    The pipes are cutoff when they reach the ground, If you can, fix that. Also the horizontal tiles on the item box appear to be upside-down, which looks really strange. Not sure if I explained that correctly, but that's how it looks to me.
    Here are some new screenshots!

    Puzzle Hills

    Supreme Playground

    T-Rex Fields

    The Path of Venuses

    Vile Trickerade
    The level design looks pretty good, but the palette in Vile Trickerade
    looks bad as well as the bg palette Supreme Playground.
    Other than that it looks sweet.
    My hack TEMP is cancelled for now but I started a new
    vanilla hack, you can visit my thread here.
    I don't really have much of a problem with Munchers growing out of each other (in real life, I've seen peppers growing inside of peppers) but others may just see it as Flunchers.
    If peppers can grow off of peppers, why can't Munchers grow off of Munchers?
    Legacy custom music
    A site where you can be able to hit that dislike where your dislike will be visible to other people and not have to rely on a browser extension as well as actually watch my SMW hacking content

    For the floating munchers, you can improvise like here . (The) [author] of [title] [subtitle] (an odd name, isnt it?) use special muncher GFX in that the stems and the leaves into propellers. #ab{:D}
    I'd prefer, that you're using this or this for floating munchers.
    Thanks for the support.
    I will recolor palettes in Vile Trickerade and Supreme Playground.

    I'll take Winged Munchers.
    New update! World 4 is halfway finished! Slowly but safely progressing to world 5.
    This hack's progress is continued! Progressing to world 4!
    The Overworld Screenshots:

    Ice Overworld is a little bigger because of Zoom.
    Doesn't look bad to me though I can see a huge perspective error on the main overworld (top-right). A transition between palettes would look even better there but it is your choice.
    Thanks for the feedback. Will fix the perspective errors.
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