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Level Thread Titles and Submitting Levels

Link Thread Closed
Hey guys, so I've thought of a good way for the level threads to be organized so that we and the testers know the status of the different levels. From now on, level threads should have a parenthetical tag at the beginning of their title based on which stage of creation the level is in. They are as follows:

(Incomplete): The level is either in the conceptual stages or is currently being built. The thread includes either screenshots or a zip with part of the level to be judged by testers.
(Complete): The level is finished, but requires testing before it can be submitted. Testers should focus on levels with this tag.
(Accepted): The level has passed Quality Control and is now a part of the collab. Testers should ignore threads with this tag, they don't need any more testing.
(Canceled): This level is not ready for submission, however, the creator no longer is able to finish it. Unless the creator specifically states that they do not want their level involved in the collab, other people can pick the level up and try to finish it if they wish. Testers should ignore threads with this tag.

Finally, I'd like to give a quick but important reminder. If you wish to submit your level for Quality Control, it must be sent to either me or PurpleRex in a PM. If you simply post the link to the zip on your thread, we do not know whether you want it to be tested more or if you want us to judge it. Thank you.
Link Thread Closed