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Featured hacks on Main page

So i've noticed that in the main page, there's some hack that are the featured ones, But when was the last time they updated the list? There's quite some new hacks here with good design but haven't been noticed, So i wonder if the Featured menu hasn't been moderated in quite some time to notice other good hacks...
If I'm not mistaken, the featured hacks section was removed due to some bug or something

but idk what you're talking about I can't see anything related to the old featured hack section on the main page. You may be mistaking it for the Most downloaded hacks. Again idk tho
Yep, the featured hacks system was taken down in early 2012 or so, so Kieran could work on a better engine. And I guess it will be up soon.
Yeah, here is the news article announcing this.

Originally posted by Koopster
was taken down in early 2012

Actually early-mid 2011 (before you registered). Over two years without featured hacks as of now.