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Super Drone World: Carter's Quest

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You know how I'm always starting these, anyway, say anything you want about the hack.
Will your game have actual gameplay?
It's not even close to Halloween, and already Christmas Sales are starting early!

Your hack will get rejected because of: Glitched GFX, And some other bad stuff so try to make a decent hack <_<
Glitched GFX? what glitched GFX? Basically, tell me the bad stuff b/c I have everything the way I want it, except for the POW GLITCH.
The graphics aren't glitched - it's just that the palette choice and the close-together style of them make them a bit rough on the eyes. I strongly suggest revising the palettes to make the oranges and yellows less intense, and maybe recoloring some things in YY-CHR. (Edit: I didn't play it - looks like BZM proved me wrong and there ARE lots of glitches.)

The status bar would be better off if you kept the original tiles for it and changed MARIO</i></span> to Carter. View GFX28 under 2bpp to see and edit it. It originally uses transparency, black, red, and green - I'm not sure what changes you've made to palette 0, so it could differ. This will also make it say Carter's name in the course clear screen.

Carter himself looks a tad strange - try smoothing the sprite out, perhaps add shading, and if he's going to have an outline in one spot, he should have an outline all around him, whether it be a solid black line or just darker colors, and if it looks bad, then anti-aliasing is incredibly useful in making it look amazing. It's very good that you're using an entirely new character, though, and I'm happy to see a recent trend of an ever increasing amount of hackers with originality who are not afraid to put their hearts into their hacks.

Also, Carter on the overworld has Mario's hat. Either work with the PTE more carefully or do what I do and just redraw all of Mario's tiles in the same spots to avoid having to use the PTE.

Oh, um, for the POW glitch: Find the hex string 1A09208DFB1D9CDA0D6B and change 9C to 8D and save. The ROM Map lists the correct byte as being at 30657.

(Edit: Troopa Pride, he didn't post screens because his hack is waiting to be moderated and all the screenshots are in there. No hard feelings though, buddy.)

Unexpected end tag (</i>) at 491, expected </b>
Unexpected end tag (</span>) at 502, expected </i>
Tag (i) was not closed.
Tag (span) was not closed.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Best hack ever!Its so leet that it doesn't even require screenshots!
Your layout has been removed.

Umm, too many dynamics sprites on screen at once?

There's something glitched around there that forced me into the wall

The lamp just looks, bad. Also it seems to act like water/top of lava :/
I for one think that this is a great hack, some bugs and the outline thing is noticable. Im not saying this b/c I've worked with you for a couple of hacks, but this hack has true immagination. Try working out some bugs and fix that dynamic bug thing, k buddy.
Your layout has been removed.
Originally posted by BZM

Umm, too many dynamics sprites on screen at once?

I Spy, With My Eye, the word SPECIAL from the overworld map at the bottom right corner.
It's not even close to Halloween, and already Christmas Sales are starting early!
Many bugs will be fixed in the next version, I hope nobody minds if I submit anytime today.

Originally posted by S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N.
Many bugs will be fixed in the next version, I hope nobody minds if I submit anytime today.

Mah Boy fixing bugs is what all true hackers strive for! (Lol CD-I)

The hack is good in design and some ideas but try to fix some palletes.
But its a nice hack :D

Edit: Level up! (Level 5)

BTW im posting more because i want to talk more in the central.
hey, you, bad hacker, you steal me the ? block and the large stone blocks from my hack (mim)
I do pixels sometimes
I was wanting to change the blocks anyway I got bored of them, anyway these are the blocks I'll be using.

This Hack will be canceled, but a new one called Carter's Quest: The Legend will be made.
*shrugs* Dude, give up, don't you realize that every hack you submitted failed so far? It is obvious: You want to use EVERY new sprite that gets submitted here, look at the dynamic ones. Everywhere I see those. What are with the GFX glitches, palette issues and such. Didn't you tested the hack yourself?

I'm really thinking that most people don't test their hacks themselves before submitting them.
Originally posted by metalgearhunter
I for one think that this is a great hack.

You are SO wrong. -_-

S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N. and metalgearhunter: You have proven that you're the worst team hack ever. Because you ignore people's advice, you don't read the Hack Submission Guidelines, you don't correct glitches, you don't even test your own hack, etc...

Seriously, why do you even bother?

You may as well end up as a bad example of team hacks.

Sorry. :(
this hack is a good lol
First of all, this is a hack I'm doing myself... not a team hack, also Carter's Quest was only to be canceled because I couldn't get Screen Scrolling Pipes on there. But I was convinced not to have any soooooooo... Carter's Quest will not be canceled.

As far as I know, there are no Graphical Glitches in this hack. In fact, there are not very much custom sprites in this hack. The dynamic sprites have only been used once so far in this hack.
Remember that team hack Mario: The Third Sector? That one was the downright WORST hack I've ever played in my life. Airtight jumps, bad palettes, a level with nothing but goonies and teleport blocks leading to an endless bonus room (Well, at least the one I played had that), the palettes bled my eyes to death in Pipezaster (The First Version), in one version, you could die on the title screen, and in another version, you could run out of time in the intro screen.

You guys (Scorpion and Metalgearhunter) really don't know how to make a hack, do you. And even if you did, do you even playtest these things? I test my levels at least 30 times before moving on to the next one.

(Sorry if I'm flaming, but you guys should really PLAY your hack before you Submit them)
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