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Overworld pallette

how can i change the overworld pallette? i press page up and page down but the colors change on the right side of the map. how can i get them on the left side? (the play able side)
Open the Overworld editor, click on the multicolored star button, choose an area from the menu on the right, change the palettes, and click "OK" or "Save RGBs to ROM".

i did that, but how do i get the color i chose to be on the map? it keeps coming up as the original color.
Make sure you click "Save Overworld to Rom", and make sure you're editing the correct palette. Some of them look very similar. The best way to check if you have the right one is to go to the overworld, make a save state. Open up YY-CHR, load the GFX file, then load the .zst to get your palettes. Go down to the image you want to edit and scroll around on the palettes until the image looks like the one you see in game. That's what you need to edit in your LM palette editor.

I've removed my NoFades patch until I can find the brightness code for Star Road warps.
Only palettes 4 through 7 can be used on the overworld without screwing other stuff up. Remember that. :s
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ok, the color looks fine on the overworld in LM, but in game it looks different. how come?
LM has weird coding for OW palettes. Don't know why, it annoys me.
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how do i know what it will look like in game on LM? it always looks different +_+
I think you can't, it's some weird palette remapping that doesn't occur in the game for me (I'm using exgfx for the OW). SMWs original GFX looks nice in LM, I think thats the top priority...If I just had LMs source code...
<blm> zsnes users are the flatearthers of emulation