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Tip: If it's possible to carry a tileset-specific sprite (such as a Buzzy Beetle or Bob-omb) through a pipe, make sure it has the correct graphics and sprite palette on the other side!
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SMWC's Official SRAM/Save State Archive
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Hadron-edit: When submitting a new save file, please provide a screenshot of the title screen. It's not required, but definitely helps.


Click on the images to download the save files!
(the .zip files contain both an .srm and a .zst file)

A Haunted Christmas

A Strange Mission

A Strange Mission

A Super Mario Thing

A Super Mario Thing

An SMW Central Production - 117 exits, 20000 coins, saved at Weeabuu Manor

An SMW Central Production


Bowser Rampages Again


Dan's Adventure - 39 exits


Houtai 2 (ZST)


Joe's Adventure - 36 exits


Kenny's Adventure - 18 exits


Luigi and the Island of Mystery (version 1.2) - 93 exits, maximum hearts

Luigi's Adventure OSE


Mario Gives Up - 86 exits

Mario's Amazing Adventure - Star 96

Mario's Keytastrophe

Mario's Lost World

Mario's Search for the 8 Jewels

Mario's Strange Quest

Mushroom Kingdom Meltdown - 66 exits

Mushroom Kingdom Meltdown 2 - 89 exits


Pandemonium Fortress

Panic in the Mushroom Kingdom - 58 exits

Panic in the Mushroom Kingdom 2 - 66 exits

Pokémon Darkness


Rise to the Challenge

Roy's Armada


Second Reality Project 2, The - Zycloboo's Challenge, The - 84 exits

Second Reality Project Reloaded, The - all exits, savestate at Bowser's Starship, Midway Point obtained

Secret of the 7 Golden Statues, The - 87 exits, 71 Star Coins

SMW 2+3: The Essence Star - all exits, all character cards


Super Demo World: The Legend Continues - all exits, star 120

Super Mario: The Cookie Crisis

Super Mario Infinity: Mystery of the Magic Wand - 113 exits

Super Mario Infinity 2: The Cursed Gem - 113 exits

Super Mario Odyssey - 100% (ZST)

Super Mario Omega - 100 exits

Super Mario Place - 80 exits

Super Mario TKO (Demo 1) - all 17 exits

Super Mario Universe - 80 exits

Super Mario Universe II - 62 exits

Super Mario World - all exits, star 96

Super Mario World Beta

Super Mario World: Bowser's Return - all exits but 1 secret exit

Super Mario World: Master Quest 6 - all 100 exits

Super Mario World: Master Quest 7


Tale of Elementia, The (demo 2) - 37/38 exits

Title is Irrelevant, The

Toad's World


Unworld, The - 87/93 exits


VIP and Wall Mix

VIP and Wall Mix 2

VIP and Wall Mix 3 - 91 exits

VIP and Wall Mix 4 - 114 exits


What is this I don't even

Nice. I was going to get around to making this thread, but didn't. Here's a YI .srm with everything except for W4&5's extra's done. Yeah, yeah I suck :(
Sendspace</a href>
Megaupload</a href>
What game?

<TLMB> I use YY-CHR to edit DNA
Yoshi's Island.
K guys, i added an original SMW with all exits. I'm also workin on a Brutal mario & TSRP2 sram with all the exits. anyone have anything else...?

<TLMB> I use YY-CHR to edit DNA
May I request a savestate with all exits of TSRP2 completed?
*points to my last post*

<TLMB> I use YY-CHR to edit DNA
Luigi's Adventure 3 savestate with all exits complete.

Note: This savestate was made on the full version off of Anikiti's website. I'm not sure if it will work on the one here.

Your layout has been removed.
Well, if you are planning on making a SRAM/Savestate archive for SMW Central, then you should check out this old thread.

It is a similar archive to the one you made except it really only deals with SMW only.

If carsr4carpeople1 wants to go through the old archive of SRAMs/ZSTs and transfer them all to here (in an more organized manner then we have up there), then I will sticky this thread. I thought it was a good idea before, and with people finishing hacks all the time, it could quickly become a rather large compilation of save states and the like.

(better yet, transfer them, and disable your layout for the first post. It will look a lot better that way.)
Super Mario World - Bowser's Return (Ice Man's hack waiting to be moderated :P) All but 1 secret exit completed (that I know of).

Also cars, do you want a screenshot of the title screen for those hacks so people can idntify them more, like you did with DW:TLC, YI and SMW?
K guys, everything's up there form the old one, and I'm in the process of getting title screen screenies for each one.
@ BZM: yes, i would like a screen shot of the title screen.\

EDIT: also, these are taking FOREVER to download (the ones from the previous thread) is anyone else getting this problem?

EDIT 2: For uploading the files, i recommend google pages, freewebs, or the site builder yahoo has (i cant remember what it's called) instead of things like megaupload.
Also, i have a freewebs i use for uploading the SRAMS, so i dont mind giving the password for it. PM me if you want it.

<TLMB> I use YY-CHR to edit DNA
Alright cars, got a screenshot of all of the title screens except the Bowser NES Project, I'll edit this post with it later

Brutal Mario

Stranded 2nd Demo

Ramza Neko


Luigi's Adventure series

Dr.Mario Redrawn Demo

Just copypaste the url, etc.
Stickied. If this doesn't get updated like, ever, I'll take it down.

Also, lol @ Keytastrophe's old, failure title screen.
Thanks, BZM.

@ SNN. Sweet. ( keytastrophe has a new title screen??? :D )

Also, all kinds of SRAMS are welcome, i'm not limiting it to SMW hacks.

<TLMB> I use YY-CHR to edit DNA
Savestate of Super Mario Odyssey demo, completed (100% I think)
</a href>
Shadow Mario World SRAM: 100% Compleated
(Super Mario World SMB is Shadow Mario World's old name)

Your layout has been removed.
My "Luigi's Adventure 3" submission here is not an SRAM. It's a savestate. :P

Your layout has been removed.
Is there any chance of the Original Luigi's Adventure having a savestate here?
K, new SRAM available: VIP mario 3: 91 exits.

<TLMB> I use YY-CHR to edit DNA
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