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Alternate SRAM/Save State Archive

For most purposes, the more recent Savebase section here should work fine, making this thread mostly obsolete.

However, because of the section's policy against submitting SRAM files for hacks that aren't accepted within SMWC's "Hacks" section, you may continue to use this thread as an additional repository for save files that probably wouldn't or shouldn't be accepted in the official sections for one reason or another. This may include save files from older/"demo" versions of updated hacks, or hacks created by non-SMWC users that likely won't be put into the sections anytime soon.

If you do wish to contribute an SRM file to this thread, please upload the file into your file bin, and embed screenshot of the relevant hack's title screen into your post.
Nice. I was going to get around to making this thread, but didn't. Here's a YI .srm with everything except for W4&5's extra's done. Yeah, yeah I suck :(
Sendspace</a href>
Megaupload</a href>
What game?
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Yoshi's Island.
K guys, i added an original SMW with all exits. I'm also workin on a Brutal mario & TSRP2 sram with all the exits. anyone have anything else...?
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May I request a savestate with all exits of TSRP2 completed?
*points to my last post*
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Luigi's Adventure 3 savestate with all exits complete.

Note: This savestate was made on the full version off of Anikiti's website. I'm not sure if it will work on the one here.
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Well, if you are planning on making a SRAM/Savestate archive for SMW Central, then you should check out this old thread.

It is a similar archive to the one you made except it really only deals with SMW only.
If carsr4carpeople1 wants to go through the old archive of SRAMs/ZSTs and transfer them all to here (in an more organized manner then we have up there), then I will sticky this thread. I thought it was a good idea before, and with people finishing hacks all the time, it could quickly become a rather large compilation of save states and the like.

(better yet, transfer them, and disable your layout for the first post. It will look a lot better that way.)
Super Mario World - Bowser's Return (Ice Man's hack waiting to be moderated :P) All but 1 secret exit completed (that I know of).

Also cars, do you want a screenshot of the title screen for those hacks so people can idntify them more, like you did with DW:TLC, YI and SMW?
K guys, everything's up there form the old one, and I'm in the process of getting title screen screenies for each one.
@ BZM: yes, i would like a screen shot of the title screen.\

EDIT: also, these are taking FOREVER to download (the ones from the previous thread) is anyone else getting this problem?

EDIT 2: For uploading the files, i recommend google pages, freewebs, or the site builder yahoo has (i cant remember what it's called) instead of things like megaupload.
Also, i have a freewebs i use for uploading the SRAMS, so i dont mind giving the password for it. PM me if you want it.
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Alright cars, got a screenshot of all of the title screens except the Bowser NES Project, I'll edit this post with it later

Brutal Mario

Stranded 2nd Demo

Ramza Neko


Luigi's Adventure series

Dr.Mario Redrawn Demo

Just copypaste the url, etc.
Stickied. If this doesn't get updated like, ever, I'll take it down.

Also, lol @ Keytastrophe's old, failure title screen.
Thanks, BZM.

@ SNN. Sweet. ( keytastrophe has a new title screen??? :D )

Also, all kinds of SRAMS are welcome, i'm not limiting it to SMW hacks.
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Savestate of Super Mario Odyssey demo, completed (100% I think)
</a href>
Shadow Mario World SRAM: 100% Compleated
(Super Mario World SMB is Shadow Mario World's old name)
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My "Luigi's Adventure 3" submission here is not an SRAM. It's a savestate. :P
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Is there any chance of the Original Luigi's Adventure having a savestate here?
K, new SRAM available: VIP mario 3: 91 exits.
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