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Alternate SRAM/Save State Archive

Yes that would be fine.
I now managed to complete Bowser's NES Project... I was kind of annoyed because I didn't realise that it was a remake of SMB1, which I've played through a bazillion times. The codes level were really crap and I was dissapointed about having to complete the game for the codes to the 4 bad levels...

I managed to complete this in two hours, it was that short and easy!

Anyway here is the link. It says 34 exits on the title screen because I completed the extra leves. I actually found 36 exits in the game. Man, that was easy...

Bowser's Nes Project-ALL EXITS!

This is a 100% complete savestate for Houtai 2 found here (link above the second group of screen shots).


I can't make this clickable for some reason.

WYEdit: I can. ;)
SRAM + Savestate for SMW2+3 added to the first post.

I'd say, why not? There might be some people who can't find all exits or just want it completed without playing it for the lulz.

EDIT: Also, updating the first post with Hadron's saves.

Wow, guys, this is turning into a nice collection of saves. :)
WYE, thanks for taking an interest in the thread. I have had a hard time keeping up with updating the first post.
And everyone else, thanks for all the submissions. Keep it up! :)
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I just wanted to make an important note to everyone: don't upload the SRAMS for the new luigi's adventure or luigi's Adventure 3! I am saying this because both of them contain passcodes at the end to unlock further levels, which need these passcodes. It would be wise for you not to upload these so people don;t cheat and get the further levels...

I know this isn't my thread, but I thought that Anikiti would be annoyed if people started giving away passcodes for his games. if Vaporeon agrees with me, I will delete this comment...

I have to warn that Hadron's SMI2 save will cause problems if used with the most recent version of SMI2. I switched the events around a bit, so the overworld will mess up with that save. :\
Could someone get a save of Kamek's Revenge, with all the level available?
The save for "Bowser's Ultimate Labyrinth":
Originally posted by The Heavenly Hunter
I just realised that the Sram file of Luigi's Adventure 3 is not hosted anymore on the website. Could I complete the game and upload the SRAM?

<TLMB> I use YY-CHR to edit DNA
Okay, so I'm thinking it's okay to post here because:

1. This is a sticky and cannot be bumped
2. It deals with official stuff

So yeah, I thought I should say that we now have a page on the wiki for this (we have for a little while now, actually, but I've been too lazy to announce it here). Here's the link:

All levels accessible, Switch Palaces not pressed.
I would like to request that if you guys have submissions, that you add them to the wiki page, as well (look two posts up).
Got a new one:


2 Savestates: One for complete WITIDE, one for Heart Burn.

EDIT: Rename the file to add a .zip extension.

EDIT2: Made the picture the link.
Click on the pictures to download the files

Note for SMWREX: i unlocked the hack so File 1 is just all exits found and File 2 is where your in the next area of the hack after you beat the last castle, You cant get to the castle in the cloud world because the level before it is unfinished

Edit: Heres a picture for Luigi's Adventure OSE

Hacks I Support: