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Alternate SRAM/Save State Archive

Alright, updated the first post with the new save files. Thanks for sharing your big collection, 'AGH!'.
Mario Gives Up 2 - 95 Exits


I'm surprised that nobody has posted this before
Super Mario World FreedoMN - All exits (**)

.srm file

Quest on Full Moon Island (1.2) - All exits (34)

.srm file
<this post has been deleted>
Super "Mario" World - 35 exits


Serbow's Assault - 28 exits


Henry's Adventure - 38 exits


Mystery of the Seven Orbs - 24 exits

C'mon, man, I try my best.
Super Sig World 21 - 80 exits

can i request a srm of super sig world 23 ans 24
i have those hacks in my filebin if you dont now
so get all the exits please
please someone post the srm in my filebin here because i dont now how do i upload them

EDIT:if anyone has a complette srm with all exits of super sig world 23 and super sig world 24
Hey. Guys. How do i load the SRAM files? I downloaded the Panic in the mushroom kingdom 1 and 2.
You don't load them specifically - the ROM you're loaded (which should be patched with the appropriate IPS) will read them. In your case, you'll want to download the PITMK patches from the site, apply them to an IPS, and then download the .srm files from this thread. Make sure they have the same name as the .smc (eg. if you have PITMK1.smc, make you sure also have PITMK1.srm).

After you do that, boot up your ROM in an emulator and you should end up with a fully completed file(s).
Chaos CompleXX - 26 exits

C'mon, man, I try my best.
I have now new srm in my files like the crater,super sig world 25 etc...

EDIT:Has someone found all the exits in super sig world 23 and super sig world 24?If someone has post them here or send to me.

Another edit:If someone want's to post those srm here then do it because i don't know how.
New SRM in my filebin: The lost land 3,Drama Mistery,Super ''Mario'' World 2,Marios treasure hunt 2 and soo...
I have new SRM in my filebin.But someone please post a fully SRM of Haimaris Hyper 6 and Super SIG World 23 and Super SIG World 24.Or send those through PM.Please!

OK, nothing but a savestate request can help what I am going through in A SMW Central Production. This is a request that the 100% complete savestate cannot help. You see, there is a strange problem blocking my progress. At the second half of Bowser's Castle, with the orbs, I ended up going through there and collecting all 8 but I couldn't open the door in the middle. I ended up finding out that even if I collected the orbs, a few of them would reappear everytime rendering the hack broken.

I tried watching videos, I tried to see if the complete patch would help me but I am still stuck, not through my own means of course. If somebody has a savestate saved right after opening the middle door, with all the orbs, I would like to download that. Preferably with everything else done but Bowser's Castle Part II and the Spacesuit adventure that happens afterwards.
Zeldara's Glitch City v147 - 64 exits

C'mon, man, I try my best.
SMW-The After Years full SRM with every exit in my files
Lots more saves to offer:

Hyper I
Hyper I - 62 exits

Hyper II
Hyper II - 71 exits

Hyper III
Hyper III - 81 exits

Hyper IV
Hyper IV - 89 exits

Hyper V
Hyper V - 85 exits

Hyper VI
Hyper VI - 104 exits

Kid Adventure
Kid Adventure - 5 exits

Kid Adventure 2
Kid Adventure 2 - 5 exits

Kid Adventure 3
Kid Adventure 3 - 31 exits

Kid Adventure 4
Kid Adventure 4 - 12 exits

Mario's Return
Mario's Return - Star 87

Mario's Search for the 8 Jewels
Mario's Search for the 8 Jewels - Star 96

Mario's Strange Quest
Mario's Strange Quest - 79 exits

Super Luigi World: Luigi's Quest!
Super Luigi World: Luigi's Quest! - 94 exits

Super Mario Bros. 5 Reborn
Super Mario Bros. 5 Reborn - 84 exits

Super Mario Starlight Remix
Super Mario Starlight Remix - Star 96

Super Mario World Expansion Deluxe
Super Mario World Expansion Deluxe - Star 96

VIP Mario 5
VIP Mario 5 (v1.03) - All exits, all VIP coins

Drama Mistery - 96 exits
For those who didn't find the subworld #w{=P}