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White Tanooki Mario vs. THE UNIVERSE!
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Another silly death like in the bonus room.

Edit: I... must... fix... the... l... i... n... k...
Not technically "invincible" even if Mario is utterly impenetrable, he still has limitations.

There are holes, being crushed, running out of time, beating a level, Tap-taps, Haruhi, Mokou, Kaguya, Non-living things, bodhisattvas, Palkia, Dialga, Arceus, Homura, and Getting stuck in bad level designs.

Why? Because being a mere palette swap of an already existing costume dose not make you a super deity.

EDIT:The same gose for the Super AND Hyper Sonic forms.

Perfection is something that requires something that incompletes it. Perhaps it also breaks itself.

The current avatar I have is from Neslug from DeviantART.

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But would he be invincible to being frozen?
if not.
Yoshi with an ice melon
other Sub-Zero
Luigi with an ice flower.
I think Broly could kill him.
Goku's ki blast will not kill him. But Giga Drill Break (from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann) will do.

But who cares?
Lava. Boiling grape jelly of death. Both kill White Tanooki Mario instantly.

Also the white snoring thing that falls down from the sky after the flagpole in Syobon Action.

Originally posted by Luca
poison water

Originally posted by MarioFanGamer659
Poisoned water! :D

Boiling grape jelly of doom! #ab{>:}
Poisoned water! :D
Edit: I didn't know that Luca has wriiten poisonded water too. ._.
Tag team of Flagpole and Cleverly place goomba.

Mario loses invincibility after he touched a flagpole.
I used to use this site a lot back in like, 2011. Hopefully you don't remember me.
Originally posted by PokefreakofBACON
Tag team of Flagpole and Cleverly place goomba.

Mario loses invincibility after he touched a flagpole.

Actually Mario passes straight through enemies on SMW's goal march. It's bottomless pits and lava he has to worry about.

Usually inactive/procrastinating on a hack idea.
Seduce him with Princess Peach in rather attractive outfit.

Or, erase him from existence with Chrono Legionnaire from Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2.
Force him to spend a weekend in a small, cramped shed with Jeff Goldblum.
So far I have to say the best answer is whoever suggested Hotlips from YI. In this fight, only natural abilities or characterizing tools (like, say, it's not like Link couldn't go in with his Master Sword) are allowed. Hotlips can spit lava naturally, which can kill WTM. That idea is ingenious, so I have to say it's the best. (Maybe a Blargg would also work in that sense- they're made out of lava.)

Kirby- Not sure. Even if WTM was inhaled Kirby would still touch him. He would explode from the inside or something like that.

Goku, Broly, and other DBZ characters may stand a chance. They have some pretty powerful attacks, to say the least. But still, I don't know if anything could penetrate permanent invincibility. It could be a possibility.

I don't know about freezing either. He'd be frozen but not dead. He could probably use his tanooki spin to break the ice away and then go in for the kill before the fighter can use his ice again.

Minecraft Player/Steve, put simply, would not stand a chance. Lava bucket may work, but remember, no tools. Only his characterizing weapon, which in this case, is his pickaxe. That's all he would be allowed. /kill would probably cause a universe-destroying paradox if used on WTM.

So, so far, Hotlips is the winner. Can anyone top that?

tired: 'JOYCON BOYZ'
wired: 'The Fellowship of the Switch'
Shedinja. Wonder Guard will prevent him from taking damage from WTM so he can wait for Mario to die of old age.

Usually inactive/procrastinating on a hack idea.
So basically, White Tanooki Mario is like Nabbit?
Flandre Scarlet, possibly.
If not, then those moving castle blocks in SMW and the NSMB series.

Kinda in hibernation for a while. I hope to be back in full swing soon.
Here are some notable weaknesses:
>"Boiling Grape Jelly of Death"
>Bottomless Pits
>The Time Limit
>Sometimes getting Crushed

However, because none of this stuff is here, I'll have to go with White Tanooki Luigi.
Duke Nukem can take care of the service, if not, just turn off the video-game of the energy.

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