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Greetings, Earthlings!

Welcome to the eighth(!) Central Creativity Convention! This year's theme is "Space" and "Sci-fi" (it's about time!), so we expect everyone to dress up their avatar that way.

While the primary focus of C3 is typically things related to SMW hacking, submissions of other media and games is allowed. There's really no restriction to what you will showcase - provided that you've had a major part of creating it. Art, original music, videos, anything creation is welcome!

The staff team would like to apologize for the slight delay - The forum is launched a bit later than planet. We hope that the activity and creativity of the Central skyrockets with this event, though.

What are you spacing out for? Create your threads already, there's enough space for them!
Already done. B)

Yay C3!

We're the shenanigans?

Also hopefully I get to finish my stuff...

EDIT: MolSno you deserve my hot noodle soup burning with a thousand suns

I'm Pat so I probably won't post in this forum at all. Hooray.

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So.. this time the theme is space?! That's good!
EDIT: you ninja'd i hate you forever bawww..
GvS ~ u:11380
Let's roll.

Seriously though, I am fucking excited for this! Let's get this show on the roll!

- BlackMageMario
Yay, my first C3.
Kinda funny seeing how long I've been signed up on this site but.. oh well.
Looking forward to all the shenanigans and crazy stuff the people will showcase
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... what even am I doing with my life?
So my first C3 starts today. I better start making my thread already ;)
dangit I can't make threads that fast...
Want to see my Super Mario Timeline?
Yay! C3!

I'm a bit late, ironically because I was distracted giving my hack its last touchs.
I can't wait to see the 72h space submissions we'll get.
Actually I guess I'll make my avatar related to space.

u mad sarco trolololololo
Great, just trying to think of the time to show off my work.
I'm was waiting mouths for this \o/
I guess , everyone is doing your best #smw{:TUP:}
I think:"Awesome hacks are coming ,and DMB will make game plays!"

Originally posted by SMWCentral Alert
Someone posted while you were writing your reply. Please look at the thread review at the bottom.
Originally posted by Ersanio
The forum is launched a bit later than planet

Eeeeee... No. I'm going to say no on that one. That said, you could easily have bolded "launched" instead.
Yay, looks like I'll be spending today redoing the DSotK demo again and hopefully releasing it tomorrow #ab{;_;}
Yay, it's finally on!

Going to make my threads later today.
C3 lol nyaa hooray!#thp{^_^}

Already submitted what I had to show. I'm kinda happy that everything is going great.
Also I'm mesmerized by works of other people too, it'll sure be an awesome C3.
Good luck everyone!#thp{;)}
My avatar is already considered Sci-fi/Space. #ab{¬_¬}

Time to get some shit done. I suppose.
And when you're lost, and out of time
I will be right here