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Mario's Vacation DEMO

it's a 1-world demo on this hack that is (yet again) vanilla.

5 levels 7 exits

Want to see my Super Mario Timeline?
The screenshots here are not bad though they could use a little more decoration. To get an accurate view, I guess I have to play it.
So I played through the demo and I was pleasantly suprised! The levels are short, but have solid level design. Sure, there are some minor things you could do better, but overall it is pretty good.

Some suggestions

- Make sure the player knows you can only achieve the secret exit once you got the yoshi. Otherwise they will be looking for something they can't get.
- I'd change the icy palette in Hotel Road 3, as it makes no sense looking at the Overworld.
- The midway point at Hotel Road 3 could be placed better because the section before it is a lot shorter than the section after it.
- Some coin trails unnessesary led me to my death, I'd make more clear where you can land and where not.
- Some sprites fall off an edge before you're even there. Watch out for that.
That's a good start for hacking! However, I reccomend you add more consistency to your levels, especially the first ones. Try to base them in a single gimmick instead of having something different in each screen. Of course try not to make it repetitive, but try to develop that gimmick as you go progressing through the levels.

Oh Hell No explained detailedly what else I was going to point out, so yeah. Good luck with this hack!