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Mario's Trials (six level demo)

This is a kaizo hack made by 678ruby678 that is supposed to be easy on the first levels, but will become more harder later. Here are some screens:

Title Screen.

Level one: Insane Plain!

Level two: Muncher Playground!

Level three: Brain Freeze!

Level four: Illogical Cave!

Level five: Switch Palace California!

Level six: PSI Brainshock A (No custom music yet).

Aaand... the download link. Hope you enjoy it.

(in case you're not aware, ruby has asked me to release it for this C3 'cause he will be away during the entirety of it)
this kaizo hack looks really good. nice job for 678ruby678.
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I don't understand why this dosen't get much comments,
it looks really good and challenging. And I'm glad that
I finally compleded the first stage.
My hack TEMP is cancelled for now but I started a new
vanilla hack, you can visit my thread here.
made it past stage one... stuck on stage 2
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