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A bit of bad news. (MKM1R music release)

A couple of you remember this hack, and a few of you seemed pretty excited by the fact that it was being revamped. So it is with sadness that I announce the official cancellation of this hack.

Basically, after cyphermur9t came back after his period of inactivity, I asked him if we could expect any progress on MKM1R. He responded by saying that, with his new life at the university, and his promising future as an animator, he has decided to cancel the hack and move on from SMW hacking.

I made this thread because I was a major contributor to the hack (I wrote some original music for him), and I thought I'd make the announcement myself so as not to trouble him.

Thank you very much for your interest this past year or so, and please continue to encourage him, whatever he does, wherever he goes.

Have a good day everyone.

I released the music, if you want to use it in your own hacks.
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Aww, that is sad. At least you left some stuff to the community.
That's really sad, no more awesome hacks like MGU or MKM,
but the music sounds really good, maybe I'm using some of them.
My hack TEMP is cancelled for now but I started a new
vanilla hack, you can visit my thread here.
Too bad the hack won't be released, but still, your compositions are awesome! <3

Also the volcano map one is probably my favorite of them.
I was a fan of that hack. It will be missed.

Btw, nice job hiding that link. I didn't see it until I was finished reading the other posts and was like "what the?"
Your layout has been removed.

Yeah, sorry about not being able to finish MKM1R guys. But I did enjoy my SMW Hacking experience while it lasted those few years. As Moose said, he helped a lot with the music and I really appreciate his efforts and I felt a little guilty when I had to cancel this.

Albeit I have moved on from SMW Hacking, I have not moved on from the community here. This website is probably one of the few left where people treat each other with dignity and respect.
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Wow, it was an awesome hack, I really liked it. Too bad it's gone...
Its all right, we forgive you for the cancellation. #ab{;)} (Kind of sad, though...)
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A piece of me was expecting this to be a ruse between the two of them and that ZIP did in fact contain the hack. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case.

I've already heard most of these tracks, but they're definitely top tier and I sincerely hope people will put them to good use. Hopefully cyphermur9t will decide to pick up MKM1R again someday.
Made the download link more "visible". :P Thanks for the comments, everyone!
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Too bad the hack was cancelled... I played the first version and I had a lot of fun with it. Oh well, good luck Cypher.

I remember some of these songs back when you showed them off in the SPC thread. My favorites are Grassland 2 and Apocalypse Map, they're just really professional and make a really great ambient. Nice work! I'll definitely use some.
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Ah well, it's unfortunate the hack had to be cancelled, but atleast I'm hoping your efforts on the soundtrack won't be wasted. I've been a great fan of it personally (grassland2.spc is still amazing).
Well, real life comes first. I haven't played the first version yet, but I see it mentioned constantly & in a positive light.

I friggin' LOVE the boss music; I'll definitely be puttin' that to use.
Believe it or not, I still exist in some fashion.
That's really a shame. I have never followed the hack's progresses, but it's always sad to hear such things.

That said...the soundtrack is absolutely amazing! You always use SMW's instrumentation really well (apocalypse-map is an example) and manage to make memorable melodies such as grassland2, which I have listened to many times and still is one of my favourites: the key changes are lovely. I also hear inspiration from Jun Ishikawa, which is one of my favourite composers ever.

Truly an excellent work: these tracks definitely deserve to be used somewhere.
It's a shame, because I feel like now the soundtrack will only show up fragmented across hacks the songs weren't originally meant for. I still hope projects put them to use, though, because they're really nice. Very environmental, not too overbearing, fitting for various maps and levels. Nice work!

"Future Map" totally reminds me of M. Bison's theme :b
Actually, the volcano map theme is also reminiscent of ASMT's somehow, but that might just be me.

Anyway, hope we'll see more tunes from you in the future!
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Well, thanks for your interest, everyone. I worked really hard on these songs, and I'm so glad you all liked them.

And you did an awesome job too.
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Man, how much I liked MKM. After MGU (one of my first hacks) I played all of your other hacks, with pleasure. MKM is still one of the best hacks out here, especially since it's not that new. It's a pity you move on, but everybody will eventually, it's just like a lot of other things in life. Also those songs, my gawd, are amazing. Moose, you did an awesome job composing and porting these. Please, keep doing this #ab{;)}.
It's bad, but to do a college is very hard, so there's no problem.
And good job Moose.