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The Devious Four Chronicles C3 Booth! - The Crater FULL HACK Download / HR2R Demo Download / Screen Shots of Every Hack in the C
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Summer 2013 - The Devious Four Chronicles C3 Booth! - The Crater FULL HACK Download / HR2R Demo Download / Screen Shots of Every Hack in the C
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Hey there everybody. One of the founders of the Devious Four Chronicles here to share with everyone some news, hacks, videos and screenshots regarding the Devious Four Chronicles.

#6 - The Fourth Sector progress
The Fourth Sector still needs to have credits done, and difficulty in many areas lowered. The other 6 Xtras will be done in due time, but do not expect a full release anytime soon. When I release the Fourth Sector, I want it as good as it can be. Unfortunately, there's a lot of work that needs to be done regarding my recent change to AddmusicK. Due to all the new errors like Layer 1 tile generation mess ups, I might end up switching back to Addmusic4.5 (HuFlungDu's) for this particular hack, though that will mean I'll have to remove the Xtras. Quite a good amount of stuff that needs to be done. First thing's first... got to get the motivation to do it.

#6 - Hunter's Revenge 2 Recharged
Metalgearhunter is working hard on making this hack the best he's done. And trust me, it is the best he's done. Already more than half way through, you can expect this hack to be in Beta Testing sometime in the future.

#7 - Goddess Robes progress
Goddess Robes is progressing smoothely, but it isn't without it's errors. AddmusicK unfortunately does not like a code I'm using, and I'm highly betting it's PowerTool, which is still in beta-production. As a plus, the current screen scrolling pipes patch does not like On/Off blocks as well, always sending Tia to the top-left of the screen. The Very Top Left of it.

As unfortunate as this is, I'm announcing that Goddess Robes will be on hold until atleast PowerTool is updated to be more user friendly in regards to patches and AddmusicK.

#3 - The Crater
The Crater has been fully optimized to be playable WITHOUT save states. (finally) The hack does get hard near the end, but I promise you, it's completely playable. More graphics have been added, and most, hopefully all, errors have been fixed. Download the Crater at the bottom! It is an unofficial release. When it's official is when it'll be downloadable in the Hacks section of this site.

Screen Shots
We at the Devious Four Chronicles: metalgearhunter and myself, seek to provide you with content. At this particular event, we'll provide you with screenshots of the the hacks in the current Devious Four Chronicles.


Featured in this thread is the video to one particular project I have started. Some may remember it, many will not.
Opening to "TD4C#11 - The Black Hole"

"TD4C#11 - The Black Hole" is a remake of the original "Super Mario: The BlackHole" hack I made and finished in 2009-10. It remained unreleased due to certain circumstances, which forced us to restart the Devious Four Chronicles.

Other wise, here's a link to several LPer's whom have LP'ed the hacks. Please do check their video for extra entertainment.

Gunblazer42 has Let's Played...
-#3: The Crater
-#4: Hunter's Revenge Recharged
-#6: The Fourth Sector

He is also currently LP'ing the 5th Episode in D4: "Hunter's Revenge 2 Recharged"

He is also doing LP's of two side hacks in the Devious Four: Hunter and Scorpion's Bet 2: The Twilight Gem Demos (both versions)

MarioFreak1989 has Let's Played...

-#3: The Crater
-#4: Hunter's Revenge Recharged
-#7: Hunter's Revenge 2 Recharged (In Progress)

She is also currently finishing up her LP of the 6th Episode in D4: "The Fourth Sector".

Also available, are several trailers for a couple of the hacks:
The Crater Trailer

The Fourth Sector Trailer - Trailer by metalgearhunter
Full Version of Episode 3: The Crater! (Unofficial)
The Devious Four Chronicles Episode 3: The Crater (Version 3.0) SNES Difficulty Edition

Demo Version of Episode 7: Hunter's Revenge 2 Recharged (Unofficial)
Hunter's Revenge 2 Recharged DEMO
Aww no hacks! Why!!???

Seems you're doing such an awesome job with your productions. I'm looking forward to them.

HNNNNNG that kawaii character! She's so cute!#fim{<3}
Your hacks are awesome, Scorpion. Keep up the good work!#smw{:TUP:}

YouTube Channel
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Twitter Channel
Seems like I've missed a lot over the past few months! xD

Nonetheless, these screenshots look incredible! For some reason, I'm especially fond of the lab tileset with the colored speckles in the floor.
Also, regarding Sonic, are you going to change his gameplay a bit (like adding a spindash or rolling) or are you going to keep it similar to Mario's? Nonetheless, I can't wait to see where these hacks go!

I would very much love to change the gameplay style for Sonic, and Tia; that way your experience playing with the other two characters is different and unique from Mario. Unfortunately, I lack the experience in coding to do something like that so... yeah. I can't.
I saw it pretty much pointless to have TWO C3 threads practically related, so I thought it'd be nice to release HR2R here instead. So, here is a quote of my thread.

I have prepared a three-world Demo for the game.

Do not worry, there is not much story AFTER the intro. And it won't get heavy until after the end of the demo, which is not released yet.

So, here are some screenshots. The screenshots shown are made through the WHOLE 9 world hack, so most of the areas you see are not exactly playable due to small bugs here and there, plus a major lack of bonus rooms after W5 (thus exits to Level 0)

And here is the demo. I hope you enjoy it!


Hunter's Revenge 2 Recharged DOWNLOAD

If you do wish to play what I've got so far of the whole hack, do send me a PM and I'll send you it as soon as I can.
Do feel free to LP this as well.

Your layout has been removed.
This looks amazing you two. Can't wait to play the new version of The Crater.

HR2R looks great too. I'm really excited for everyone to be able to play the three-world demo. As a beta-tester, I really enjoy this hack, and I hope that those who download the demo will too.


Vanilla Twist!
I think I've said it before but I will say it again: you and your brother(?) have both made such a huge improvement in the quality of work you produce. These games look gorgeous. I remember a time when I used to see your work and just complain about eye-searing palettes; I feel bad having thought that now. Having played some of your hacks since then, and seeing what you are doing now, it is just really impressive. Keep up the good work!


[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Wow these screenshot....they shoot me to ground with ''EPIC PUNCH''.

Blackhole being remade? That title is superb! And HR2R the demo so far is cool! I enjoy it (as always your hacks are cool).

Crater,HR,HR2,Fourth sector,goddes robes (looks very cool the frog powerup from smb3!!!),Blackhole.

I must say keep going on you two! BTW Blackhole is episode 11, episode 12 is the finale (four orbs) am I right?
This is (and continues to be) some of the most impressive graphical design work I've seen on this site! There are so many different styles and characters, and yet they all manage to come together without much clashing or contrast.

The palettes on a few areas (namely here and here) are difficult to look at due to the odd contrast between yellow and black, as well as a overwhelming single color (respectively). The title screen for The Devious Four Chronicles is also difficult to read, because the words blend into background and foreground elements.

That's all I can really find fault-wise. It's truly some enviable work!



Currently working on Æther: The Infinite Library!

Other Submissions of mine:
SNES Controller Graphics (v2)
Originally posted by xImseiken3
I must say keep going on you two! BTW Blackhole is episode 11, episode 12 is the finale (four orbs) am I right?

Actually, the Four Orbs is Episode 13 because BlackHole is a two parter.
So black hole part 1 is episode 11,part 2 is episode 12,and the four orbs (final devious hack) is episode 13 eh?


these two ! I know these two.
Hunter and Scorpion.

I saw these two on the hack "The legend of Randorland 3"
this was the first hack I played
Originally posted by Dark Mario Bros

these two ! I know these two.
Hunter and Scorpion.

I saw these two on the hack "The legend of Randorland 3"
this was the first hack I played

That hack has been removed from the chronicles. It was from the time that the Devious Four actually was four people.


Vanilla Twist!
AWESOME!, i love the artstyle, the levels look awesome as well, i can't wait to play them!

I always loved the work you guys put out. The screen shots look amazing and I'm looking forward to your work throughout the year. ;)
Layout by LDA during C3.
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