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RednGreen's ports and compositions

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Hello everyone! I'll just post here some of my 2012-2013 ports and compositions. Mostly ports, actually, because I haven't really had much free time during these years, but I put a lot of effort anyway. Well, enough said, here's the SPC+txt pack. The ports are AddmusicK only, but it will eventually replace AM4/AMM so I guess it shouldn't be a big problem.

Little description of every track:
Plok - Akrillic: definitely one of my hardest ports, the constant GAIN change was a real challenge to replicate. It's one of my favourite tracks from the game.
Golden Sun - Saturos Battle: again, one of my favorite tracks from Golden Sun. I originally wanted to make it unsampled, but I previously managed to rip GBA samples so I made a try. Then I realized the sawtooth synth sounded horrible. So I replaced it with @1.
The Flintstones - Unknown Song 2: vastly overlooked track from a licensed game which just doesn't give it justice. I had fun porting this!
Super Mario 3D Land - Special World 8 (remix): Very nice tune I discovered by accident; in theory the drums+bass build as the player progress through the game, but I decided to make a little remix.
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Seal of the Seven Maidens: Little port I made yesterday. Nothing to say, Zelda is always legendary.
CUSTOM - Celestial Fight: Boss fight-ish track I made some days ago, with arpeggios and fast-paced melody. I originally wanted not to take inspiration from anyone, but at last I did take a bit of inspiration from Sakuraba.
Secret of Evermore - Boss Fight 1: I love Secret of Evermore, it's one of my favourite RPGs. The soundtrack particularly stands out with its creepy and atmospheric tracks; this is one of my favourite ones, with the ominous timpanis and the sudden guitar melody.
CUSTOM - Final Castle: Little track I made some time ago to test drum rolls, with a strong staccato which sharpens the melody.
CUSTOM - Arpeggios: Short, unlooped track I wrote to test the $FB arpeggio command. I have absolutely no idea why, but the arpeggios glitch on AddmusicK latest version...I will definitely ask someone for help.
Golden Sun - Vale: Peaceful track from Golden Sun I ported to test GBA samples I managed to rip with GBAMusRiper. I absolutely love the sound of panflutes.
Secret of Evermore - Tinker Tinderbox: Crazy yet eerie theme for a mad scientist. Another unique track from SoE.
Golden Sun - Prox: Very sad tune from Golden Sun, it has a great impact on the player. Sorry for the clicky oboe, it isn't supposed to sound like that on the GBA ^^'
Chrono Trigger - Secret of the Forest: Beautiful track from Yasunori Mitsuda, one of my favourite as well as one of CT's most famous tunes. I particularly love the chords and the bassline in this one.
Romancing SaGa 3 - Battle 2: Never played the series, but I've always loved its battle themes. Kenji Ito is another god of VG composing.
Golden Sun - The Elemental Stars: Enchanting track from Golden Sun. I used CT's choir, Star Ocean's harp and 757's panflute samples for this one.
Gimmick - Sophia: Gimmick is a vastly overlooked platformer for Famicom/NES which mixes Mario, Kirby and Megaman gameplay. It's an 8 bit jewel which overcomes the console's limits in every aspect, and its soundtrack is just an example.

That's it! I hope you enjoy my stuff (I'll try to fix that buggy one as soon as possible). Have a great C3!
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Quest on Full Moon Island 2
You are still my favorite composer on this site, and arguably my favorite porter at this point. All of your work is done with such polish and care, and it really shows. "Celestial Fight" and "Arpeggios" are two of my favorites, and I've found myself looping them from time to time.

(also, Tim Follin would be proud of the justice you've done on Akrillic. Due to the sheer length and amount of effects present in that song, I would argue that it is by far one of the hardest songs to port like .. ever.)
Oh wow, very nice work on all of these ports. Never heard the originals of any of the other ports... except for the last one which I requested just yesterday (Seal of the Seven Maidens). Again, I thank you for that; came out just in time for C3 too. I know where a good bit of these ports will go in my hacks.
Heck yes dude! I'm really happy you released your ports and compositions, most of them are my favorites of all time, not to mention that some of them will give me examples of how to use the AMK commands like arpeggio. Awesome stuff!

Really diggin' that Saturos Battle port dude!
You're probably still the porter I have the most respect for. You're a huge inspiration and are really modest about everything you do.
Keep up your great stuff man.
I'm really enjoying these tracks, amazing job, as always! "Arpeggio" is probably one of my favourites, along with "Celestial Fight", they're really catchy. Also damn, the Akrillic port that must have took time, kudos for that one :V
Music is my weakest point in hacking. These are amazing. Your ports are spot-on and your custom compositions are lovely. I know I'm just echoing previous comments, but since zsnes is still so often used here we can have our echoes as high as we want. *ba-dum-tish*

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If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Hey, I didn't check out your ports and compositions until now, but I've always heard good stuff about them, so why not?

It's all amazing stuff man. Your compositions have a very cool rythm, especially the Final Castle one. Your ports are really good quality, much more than many ports I usually see. I don't like using samples too much, but if I did a more chocolate-like I would be more than happy to open an exception to these! :D
So glad I found this. You're an amazing music porter and composer. Congratulations on making the ropebox!
Check out my music!
Man, you are one ridiculously talented composer. All of the custom songs in your SPC pack are great, and I especially love "Arpeggios" the most. I love how you creatively utilized one of AMK's commands and made a great piece of music out of it. It creates a unique, somewhat surreal atmosphere as well. The intro actually reminds me a lot of Link's Awakening's music, which I loved.

Awesome job!
Still my favorite composer over here. Celestial Fight is just godly. Seriously, you're extremely good at what you do!
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to hear birds and see none.
Excellent work as always, I absolutely love your compositions. My favourite one is Celestial Fight.

I've never tried to port a song, but I can see the amount of love and care behind your ports. Keep up the great work!
Working on Quest on Full Moon Island 2.
Update: May 5, 2016


I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

Advertising Space

You're constantly fighting with very few others over who's my favorite music guy to be associated with the site and to see (well, hear) more of your work continues to be a delicacy. Hear a composer create more night/"space-styled" tunes and fitting amazingly well with those styles of level settings is always worth talking up.

Though I supposed I'm biased towards those types of songs, but I don't care about that right now. Overall it's amazing work, which doesn't come to surprise me in the slightest.

My god... all those excellent ports and compositions now released... this is a highlight for me on this C3, that's for sure!

I listened to all of them just now, and I'm totally amazed. Even though I knew most of them before you released them in a pack, it's almost unbelievable how much work was put into them. If I really had to choose a favorite, I'd say the Chrono Trigger port is it, partly because it's one of my favorites from CT, and mostly because I wanted to port that song so badly earlier, I just simply couldn't do it. I'll definitely use it in my hack! #ab{:)}

All I can say now is keep up the great work! Hope you won't get bored of porting/composing to SMW in a very long time. #ab{:LOL:}
Awesome ports/compositions redngreen! Love your compsitions ,the final castle compostion is epic!

Those ports without samples can it be used with huflungduus addmusic may I know?

Thank you guys! I'm flattered by such compliments, and I'm glad you liked my stuff.
Originally posted by xImseiken3
Those ports without samples can it be used with huflungduus addmusic may I know?

I'm afraid not: most of them use AddmusicK-only commands which won't work on AM4, mostly Arpeggios and Celestial Fight. However it's possible to "convert" some of them: just to make an example, the [[ subloops in Final Castle can be replaced with normal loops (even though the insertion size would become bigger) and the various sample calls could be replaced with the classic $E5 would surely require a bit of tweaking here and there, that's for sure.
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Quest on Full Moon Island 2
I don't know how these ''convert '' music to AM4 works but thanks for telling me!

I will not use AddMusicK till the final release,till it's accepted here on SMWC, then it's safe for me to use in my hack!

But as I said before I like every single piece of your ports/compositions. Nothing more just that!
Those sound very nice! My favorite is Celestial Fight, easily. You've always produced really high-quality work, and these ports and compositions show that.


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here.
Just so amazing! Any word I can pick would be too limited to express how I feel about those.

My favorites are Secret of the Forest, Arpeggios, Celestial Fight ...(listening in lexicographic order and writing the title)... and all others, wow.
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