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Quickspell, a pony fangame

Man... I haven't visited this place in a while.
Well, I'm still subscribed to the youtube channel, and it reminded me of C3, so I thought I might as well stop by.
I also have a little something of my own to show off ;)

Just recently there was a pony game jam, and a friend of mine and I entered with the following game.

The theme was "Olympics", and thus we decided to make a multiplayer rythm-esque fighting game.

The game can be downloaded here, and runs on windows, mac and linux(for mac and linux, you need to install additional software)

Admittedly, the game isn't anything amazing, but I'm proud of what we managed to achieve in 48 hours, and the additional stuff I've added since is pretty nice too.
Also, the game is multiplayer only at the moment, so if you don't have anyone to play with, it isn't any fun, sorry =/

you can also check out my tumblr blog where I have an afterthoughts post on the subject, and where I will post further updates. Though it looks like there will only be one more update with singleplayer mode, rebindable keys, and possibly some balancing of the gameplay.
I'm also working on another pony fangame that I might start posting about by the end of the month.

Oh and I also made an arcade version that was put up on an Arcade we have at the university. Check that out here :3

Thoughts and comments are appreciated ^-^


That's actually pretty good for it only being done in 48 hours. Great job to you and your team. :)
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