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Assorted ASM

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I've worked on some patches the last few days/weeks/months...


Circular Fade-in:

Video link

Replaces the default mosaic fade-in with a circle that zooms in on Mario's position. The patch is completely customizable. Modify !frames to be the number of frames that the fade-in should take, and modify the radii table to be of length !frames+1, and to change the radii of the fade-in circles. Included is an SA-1 version, by VitorVilela.


Fireball Bounce Limit:

Limits the number of bounces that each fireball can take. This patch requires 10 bytes of free RAM, but no free space.


Reverse Gravity:

Adds a subroutine that reverses Mario's gravity. This is a more complete version of the one that is used in SMWCP2; it adds Yoshi support, swimming support, and note block support. This patch requires 1 byte of free RAM and free space.

The patch works by reversing Mario's interaction points and reversing Mario's Y position changes. This causes, in blocks, above interaction to trigger bottom interaction, and vice versa. This means that, for example, normal ledges will not work with upside-down Mario, since hitting the ledge while reversed will trigger the bottom interaction code, which is to act like air. Thus, a custom ledge block is needed. This does not work with upside-down slopes at all.

Also, interaction with normal sprites will almost always fail or look weird, as they were never intended to interact with a reversed Mario. It'd be wise to modify your custom sprites to take into account the reversed gravity of Mario.

Upon insertion of the patch, asar will print "flip_gravity is located at: $address". Open defines.asm and replace the !flip_gravity define with $address. To flip Mario's gravity, be sure that you are incsrc'ing "defines.asm", and use
	JSL !flip_gravity
Simply reversing the !upside_down flag is not sufficient, because Mario's position must be offset when the gravity is flipped.


...and I've also realized that I never released many of the sprites that I created.


Crystal King:

Video link

This is a recoded crystal king. He has a few attacks: he is able to swallow and spit crystal bits at you, shoot an extremely fast ice beam at you, turn invisible and constantly teleport to your X position. He is also able to heal himself for 1 HP, which is a somewhat rare move.

In order to deal damage to the boss, you must pick up a crystal bit and throw it at him. Each crystal bit has a random chance of being dropped intact when it hits the wall, ceiling, or ground.


Propeller Block:

Video link

This is the propeller block from NSMBWii. It's a carryable item which allows you to spin up by pressing the A button while in midair and crash down into the ground by pressing down. All of the speeds and accelerations are customizable in the .asm file.


excellent job anyways; you were having quite a time with reverse gravity and its great you finished it :D


Thanks MarioE!~~~~~~
The propeller block definitely has my attention.
Believe it or not, I still exist in some fashion.
You are so reclusive. I clicked on this thread and looked through your list of ASM stuff. I was happy when I first saw the "Reverse Gravity". That will allow me to create some unique levels in some hack I will work on. I came across something similar in Brutal Mario and I always wanted something like that. Your other stuff here also adds a nice touch to people's hacks. All I am collecting here is the "Reverse Gravity" but I may come back for more. Good work on these things MarioEdit!
WoW! That Reverse Gravity Patch really caught my attention! Thank you very much for you hard work!
So... yeah, Pixels noticed a bug with the fade-in patch, which involved the not skipping the castle or ghost house sequence. I've fixed it, so redownload it if you've already downloaded it.
Those quite interest me, especially the reverse gravity and propeller block; I guess good gimmicks can be made out of those two. The other ones are pretty interesting too, albeit not stuff I'm interested for now. Great job overall, MarioE! :D
MarioE, you're one of the most polished coders on the site. Any asm you've written that I've used has been tight and flawless and well-implemented. I've been eager to try several of these projects of yours out for a while. Thanks as always for sharing.

Also, I know the iris-in/iris-out effect probably didn't take a whole lot to implement, but it's been something I've looked forward to seeing for a long while. Thanks for making it.

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Wow, those are simply impressive! The propeller block is what mostly caught my eyes. I also think there could be a few uses for it, but I dunno about some ideas for Kaizo. But anyway, I am going to use it sometime soon.

Keep it up with your awesome work! :D
I'm not that good both on english and ASM. Can anyone tell me how to insert the custom fade in patch? It would be really nice, if anyone can help me with this.

EDIT: Nevermind, it was that easy, that I didn't get it. But this patch is awesome. Great work you did there!
Originally posted by Everest
I came across something similar in Brutal Mario and I always wanted something like that.

If you want it like Brutal Mario, I did that years ago. This is significantly better.
I think the propeller block is the only thing I would personally make use of, but this is all really impressive stuff. Nice work!
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Where are the rocket bootssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Oh wow, this is a nice surprise! All of these things have great usage and I am particularly fond of a version of the Crystal king that isn't dynamic, but quietly mourn the loss of his false doppelganger attack.

(Who needs the SMW cape anymore)
I wonder what a HFD opcode would do in ASM...
Oh, awesome! I like especially the circular fade. I'll be using it for sure in the future.#thp{=D}
WooW, It is awesome, I like the change of gravity #smw{:TUP:}
I've updated the circular fade-in zip to include an SA-1 version courtesy of VitorVilela.

Also, the patch has been updated to generate the circle tables on the fly. The radii are now customizable.
This is some cool stuff you've made. I might use the circular fade-in in the future.
I Like the fade-in !

will be good for hacks in SMB 3 Style #w{=3}

btw the patches are for Xkas or Asar ?
They are all for asar.
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