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MaxodeX's C3 music release


These are some of the ports I've been working on for this C3. Hope you enjoy it!

Unfortunately, due to school, I couldn't port the many songs I wanted to, so I just went with half of them. They're not that impressive, but eh, I didn't want to sit back this C3, I wanted to show off something at least. Had to try :P

Download Link

E: Oh, I forgot to mention. I originally had ported The Spirit Chaser, but I accidentally deleted the txt for it, and well, I lost it. So the pack only includes the SPC, sadly.
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to hear birds and see none.
Nice music, sound very good for hacks that has strong feeling to a level. The song is good especially gang plank galleon from donkey kong country (nearly sounded like the music from SSBB but in smw instruments).
Give thanks to RPG hacker for working on Asar.
not bad, maxodex your ports are awesome, good job! :)
Absolutely amazing music, Maxodex! My favorites have got to be Flying Battery, Gangplank Galleon, and Natural Killer Cyborg.

Keep up the good work!
Check out my music!
*snif*... I'm literally crying at the FFIV - Prologue port...

... Ah, the good ol' times when I tried to learn to port...

(do not listen to this unless you want to get ear-raped. You've been warned.)

Yeah, that was my first port attempt, because I had a use for it in my old hack and I always loved that song.

Otherwise, loving all of these ports! I really like Flight of the Zinger!

EDIT: For "The Spirit Chaser", did you try looking in your Recycle Bin? Might still be there! I bet you looked already, but it's so great that it's worth a second look.
Thanks for the kind comments people!

@Kimg Dedede: that's absolutely impossible for me. I have the habit of erasing my trash bin as soon as I delete something; it's been lost for months and I didn't notice :(
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to hear birds and see none.
Nice music MaxodeX. It's really enjoable, especially the Final Fantasy ones, really well done.#w{=3}
My favourite is "The Spirit Chaser" ... THAT'S SO AWESOME!#w{:>}
Your ports are great, I really liked especially the "FFIV - Boss Battle 2"
Awesome ports! #ab{^_^} After listening to those Cave Story ports, I see that you really got into the vanilla cymbal, hehe. My personal favorites are probably the FF5, FF4 and the Mother 3 ports. It's kind of amazing how identical the "Within the Giant" port sounds, but it uses only one sample. It's interesting that you ported one of the lesser known songs from FF5, but it sounds very nice nonetheless (I'd love to see some more FF5 ports... #ab{^^;;;} )! Also, I just love how you ported the Natural Killer Cyborg song, it's more similar to the original than Dominator's port, but it's just as energetic and epic.

Great work overall. Keep up the great work!
Those ports are really awesome, I have to use them somewhere!

Awesome job here~

(Sorry for the small post, but I don't know much about porting so yeah xD)
I recognise some of those from SPCs you show us every now and then. Your ports are all top quality man. You choose the instruments very well in all of them. Oh boy, I could be listening to that FFV one the entire day... :') Now I wish I had experience with samples.

Currently one of my favorite music packs on this C3. Very well done! #smw{:TUP:}
There's like no information here, the commenters give more detail than the initial post. I'll give it a listen, will probably go for a feature, if so, I'll make a video as I think it will be really beneficial for you.

EDIT: Oh never mind about the video, Sony Vegas is nothing doing, just have your video-less feature

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Thanks for the kind comments people! #w{<3}

Also wow, my thread got featured? #ab{O_O} Thank you very much Ulti! I didn't see that coming given that it isn't as good as other similar threads on C3. Thanks again #ab{^^;;;}
I didn't include much on the first post, because there's not much to say about it... I guess I should put a note saying you need to read the readme.
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to hear birds and see none.
Uh, I didn't comment on this apparently. I'm really liking your works, especially The Dark Forest: Layton games have such beautiful music, and you grasped the atmosphere very well. I'm also enjoying Natural Killer Cyborg: I love how you managed to put some original samples from the game, and the overall quality is very high (especially the pitch bends which are quite difficult to pull off in a track like this). Awesome work!


I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

Advertising Space

The Within the Giant sample you speak of doesn't exist in this ZIP, sir.

Aside from that, the ZIP has some pretty neat songs overall. Finding some legible uses for each of them could be a difficult task, but eh.

Originally posted by MrDeePay
The Within the Giant sample you speak of doesn't exist in this ZIP, sir.

Whoops. Stupid me, it's fixed, thanks for noticing!

Also thanks, and yeah I know they don't have much use but I really like these songs :P
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to hear birds and see none.