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My first kaizo Hack, BAM!
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Summer 2013 - My first kaizo Hack, BAM!
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Hey everyone! :D BAM is my first Kaizo hack! I put a lot of my own tricks and twists to this hack. I made this hoping for it to be really challenging, but still fun to play. Most kaizo hacks are aimed specifically to frustrate the player, but in my opinion, there isn't much point in playing a game that's not enjoyable.

I should mention this is only a demo.

The skills you basically need for this hack are your awesome Super Mario World platforming skills, an open mind, and quick timing.

Here are some screen shots! :D

(I didn't edit the map too much. I made it very simple. I mostly just focused on level design. The full hack will have a new map.)

Download Here!

w0w I cant believe you figured out how to post here. good job gold star

Ok jokes aside, in the third screen there's lots of flunchers, which just don't look that great. And I don't think it being kaizo is an excuse for this. But then again I'm not Kaizo hacker so I don't know what's acceptable and whats not. I'll let the Kaizo experts decide whether or not this hack is good tho

Also shouldn't there be a download link if this is a demo?

e: nevermind you updated the post with the link while I wrote this
Don't use floating or stacked munchers, they look bad, and just because this is a kaizo, it doesn't mean you should leave the visuals aside. You can use alternatives to munchers, such as skull blocks or X blocks.

Other than that, I don't have much to say, since I'm not really into Kaizo myself, but the first two screenshots do look challenging.
Originally posted by Xinn
in the third screen there's lots of flunchers. And I don't think it being kaizo is an excuse for this.

There are kaizo hacks such as Cool or Cruel that have floating and stacked munchers. However, that hack is one of the few original kaizo hacks that are original and offer a fresh experience which I guess compensates for the floating munchers. But yeah, floating munchers are not the best thing to do.
Didn't Super Kaizo World have them?

Yes it had them but it is still better to make it look nice.
Not much of a Kaizo hack player, but the level i played was pretty mild in comparison to the ones i have played. Also i can't get beyond the first level, which is the Castle. Once i completed it i was unable to move to the next.
Oh no! Hang on...

WHAT THE HECk, the castle is the LAST LEVEL D:!!! No! Spoilers!

Edit: Fixed it!

This kaizo hack actually looks unique. Amost every other kaizo hack looks the same, with all the skull blocks.
Originally posted by Qwholl
Didn't Super Kaizo World have them?

Kaizo Mario World is pretty much the first excuse people make when they make a Kaizo Hack. If you look at our standards today, you would probably notice that none of the other Kaizo Hacks (OTHER then C|C) have flunchers. Yes, there are some hacks that do it as a joke because they KNOW we hate it, but thinking it is a good idea is a bad idea.

The screenshots seem interesting though, so I'll give it a try and review it.

Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

Are you a sample porter and wanna help with 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Private Message me or Mellonpizza for details. Expect trading "resources" in exchange. 4 more left.


Edit: I don't wanna be rude or anything... but... yeah

Insert these graphics and get rid of stacked or floating munchers and I'll review it.

I have played it, and I found a lot of errors that heavily affect the level design.

I know you said that you are going to fix the OW for the full version, but it looks really bland right now.

That brown block I have hit here is an invisible coin block (and it's not a dotted one). I think you could use dotted invisible coin/note blocks to make them not look tricky to find. Or rather, you could use these you used in the castle.

I know everyone had noted it already, but floating and stacked munchers are a no-no. Also, you could add a bit of a challenge while waiting for the P-switch timer to go out.

This segment is empty without sprites to try to stop you from eventually arriving to the next P-switch. Also, not pictured, but there are cutoff with the note blocks in the goal sequence.

What is the point of the goombas when you could skip a section of the level using them? Also this room of the level is not good.

This segment is also really empty.

This kind of falling segment is really annoying, because some parts that are like "choose the right way or die!" are way boring.

If you really want to keep these Yoshi blocks, you could use another MAP16 block to not look like Mario is touching an invisible wall from the right side.

The red square looks really weird IMO.

If you really wanted to use the mushroom to break the turnblocks, you could make a way so Yoshi can't take the springboard easily.

You can Yoshi jump through the Yoshi blocks, so, I suggest planning around that.

Any reason of the empty BG there?

And also for the coin here?

Fake invisible coin blocks, like the one above me, are not good.

I don't think these signs are really necessary.

Yeah, you need to improve a lot on the design there. Make sure there are no breaks, and don't make unfair segments. Use your imagination to make interesting segments. There are always lots of cool ideas to be found. I also suggest remaking these levels, as they aren't good right now.

Good luck!
Ok, if you downloaded the of the hack before I updated it, and you cant progress to the 4th level, I simply made a savestate so you can continue from where you left off, without re-doing all the levels without LM. Download it here.

And as a reply for you.

I like having that invisable. I could have at least a few cheep kills in my kaizo. I don't have nearly as many as other kaizo's.

How did you get there without hitting the P Switch?

I dont understand what you mean... I didn't use spikes because I had munchers...

There is no point. Again, unlike other kaizos, I didn't wanna fustrate the player by making everything surve a purpose. that I just put in as a nice little slice of piece in the level.

It's a classic trap

That coin set's the time


Everything else I thankyou for and I apreciate your input. Though I denied some of what you said above, I don't nessesarily mean your wrong, it's just the way I like it...

Thankyou! :D

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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Summer 2013 - My first kaizo Hack, BAM!

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