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J.U.M.P. Collab Preview Booth
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The Trailer

In the middle of May, I suggested an idea for a collab on the Talkhaus that I definitely had no idea would end up turning out like this! Although this has been made mostly by Talkhaus members, this is a separate entity from the ASMT series.

What is J.U.M.P. anyway? Well, it started as an idea of having an old-school, full vanilla, kind of VIP1-esque style/feel with the technology and more quality control of today. While level design over ascetics has always been the focus, it has evolved quite a bit. At it's core, JUMP is still mostly vanilla, but now we have a lot more custom sprinkled in.

Although there are probably more levels than a usual hack utilizing vanilla music, they are used when they seem to fit best. Most levels do in fact use custom songs, much of which are uncommonly found in hacks or originals for this hack. Worldpeace125 has made some amazing ports (and levels for that matter) for this project that I am very excited for everyone to experience in the hack!

What we have done so far:
60 levels with 4 halfway done and plenty others still in development
The main map
5 submaps

If you read all that, good for you! You are an awesome person. If not, you are probably here for the rest of this thread and that is plenty understandable. (I intend to edit the HUD to look closer to that of SMBX. There was a minor setback when I last did it so it was removed for now)

Your layout has been removed.

also yey one of my levels made the trailer

Anyways glad you went ahead and made this booth

haha fuck you alex
Been looking forward to this for a while, so it's nice to hear that it's coming along so nicely. I know that the Talkhaus is great at coming up with interesting level ideas, and from the trailer it looks like this certainly won't disappoint in that regard. Still kind of curious as to what the acronym actually stands for, but I guess that won't be revealed until the final release?

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Great how many Levels you managed to throw into the project so far compared to Teamhacks lead at SMWC... It really looks like a promising Hack!

C3 stuff: HDMA-Codes and Custom Music included!

1 Island Of Vanilla Feeling:

MaSeHiHa World 1:

currently working on:

As a level designer for JUMP, I have to say we did a pretty good job so far. We still have a long way to go, but its getting done pretty fast.

Might as well vote this to get featured.

Hello, Alexander. Done goofed again, I see? Diddy's here, btw.

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This hack is great. I'm not saying that because I made level for it or anything.
Yeah at first the point was to make a vip1-style hack, but by looking at it now it's quite different. Some level have still VIP quality level design (level focused on nice gimmicks) but without the cut-off and the vanilla you found of the VIP games.
Anyway can't wait to see it finished.
Oh wow. I wasn't really seeing much going on in the screenshots, but the video really caught my attention (and some eyebrow-raising). There's a lot of very interesting level schemes going on, and surprisingly engaging auto-scrollers. There's also a few things that breaks typical SMW hacking customs, and that's something I like to see. Definitely not the typical Mario hack.

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Yes, this hack will have quite the charm to it. It was a unique idea aterraformer had.

I fear for the difficulty curve though, heh.

(I contributed a few levels to this project)

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Cool hack

Originally posted by Xinn
haha fuck you alex

You sure showed me.


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This is the best thing ever.

Thank you for making everything I ever wanted from a smw hack.

May I blind lp this when it is released? I assume raocow has first dibs...

EDIT: if you're still taking level submissions I'd totally be up for submitting something. We all know how I am about taking forever to do things so I could probably just give you a level I've already made or something (I tend to do pseudo-vanilla stuff anyways)

This collab is looking very promising so far. A lot of the levels seem to have a lot of creativity put into them, so that's always good.

One of the more unique hacks I've seen in awhile.

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I would like to thank everyone on behalf of myself and the other members for all of the kind words!

Originally posted by Ultimaximus
Oh wow. I wasn't really seeing much going on in the screenshots, but the video really caught my attention

This hack does a lot better while watched in action than viewing a screenshot but I knew the thread needed them and I wanted to show off the levels that didn't make it into the trailer as well. I was hoping to show a little of all of them but I think I missed some and I'm sorry! It seems my screenshot button didn't work any time.

Originally posted by jesus
May I blind lp this when it is released? I assume raocow has first dibs...

If you are interested in LPing, please let me know! I don't mind it (in fact I encourage it) I would just like to watch them all haha. Just keep in mind, it gets pretty difficult but I intend to iron a lot of this out before the final release. A lot of time will be dedicated to testing!

Originally posted by yoshicookiezeus
I guess that won't be revealed until the final release?

Yes, the acronym will be revealed upon the full release but honestly.. it is not as accurate as I once thought it would be haha.

Your layout has been removed.
As a dead member of Talkhaus, I must say, this is looking promising! There's always a little bit of creativity in it, which is something I definitely appreciate on this. The trailer also looks interesting.

Can't wait to play the full thing when it's released!
I really loved making level for this project, probably felt more uncomfortable being in it too!

Glad we're close to somewhat finishing it.
ASMT1 has made me pretty wary of Talkhaus collabs, but there does seem to be a lot of creative ideas in this trailer, which is nice. At the same time, I'm also seeing some super-cramped passages, a shell-wall-bounce, and a required cape swoop, so...I'm not really sure how to feel about this one :b

It still looks promising, though, and I'll probably give it a try once it's done.

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Originally posted by yoshicookiezeus
Still kind of curious as to what the acronym actually stands for, but I guess that won't be revealed until the final release?

Wild guess that "MP" stands for "Mario Project". /shrug

Back on topic - I haven't heard of this hack before, but the things I've seen of it in this thread make it look like a hack I want to play. The screenshots alone do a great job at conveying the feeling of... "genuinely fun". And that's a feeling screenshots haven't conveyed to me in a while.


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