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[Hack and more] Pokey's Adventure - Unfinished Demo & Bonus Content

At last year's C3, I announced the cancellation of Pokey's Adventure and released the unfinished demo 2.
I felt it could have used just a little more attention, though, and that's why I've decided to re-release it this year.

However, the demo isn't all you're getting this time - I've also included a bit of background information, and more importantly, a couple of resources free for anyone to use!

I have little more to say, since the detailed HTML readme I wrote covers everything you may or may not want to know.
What I can do, though, is quote the abridged version:

Originally posted by the readme
- Pokey's Adventure is an SMW hack I worked on from late 2007 to early 2012
and cancelled shortly after.

- I released the unfinished demo (five levels long) in May 2012,
and am now re-releasing it along with a couple of resources.

- Everything from Pokey's Adventure - even the resources I didn't
release separately for convenience - are free to use with no need for credit.
It'd be great if you could somehow notify me before ripping things
from the hack, though.

- Since this isn't being submitted to SMWC's file sections, I can't guarantee
everything will work as intended. Send me a message if you believe
you've found a serious bug in one of the resources I've included,
and I may or may not fix it.

- If you're interested in more detailed information (plot etc.),
check out readme.html.

You may click the image below to download the package:

→ Download ←

And here's everything this pack contains:
  • Information on the plot I had planned
  • Bonus resources:
    • Graphics: Pokey Village
    • Graphics: VWF Font ("DP Comic")
    • Graphics: Cave (foreground and background)
    • Patch: Changing Yoshi Coin SFX