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Dimension Board 2.0 - Alpha Announcement
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Summer 2013 - Dimension Board 2.0 - Alpha Announcement
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Also known as a 1.0 Alpha with some other name I have not decided upon because I actually want to completely redo the work I've done because the other board left me sort of unsatisfied for many reasons.

The board software has advanced a lot in all these years. It allows different communities/subcommunities to gather to work on projects and to do things normally not flexible enough for other software. Unlike DB 1.1, this Alpha version focuses purely on group structure and with the owner's desires in mind. It has been prepared in such a way that not even I could predict.

Permissions are quite interesting. They work something like the below:
-You obtain Guests permissions if not logged and Registered User permissions if you are. Those two groups are system groups which means you always get them automatically. The group ids are set through board settings. There's also the possibilities of Event Groups which are able to be joined manually and also through the system. It can be set up to have a user join some group (and optionally leave) automatically based on a user's condition change (posts, joined so far days, custom variable, etc)

-After obtaining base permissions, you are also able to gain permissions from other groups. So you may be thinking, many groups should have permissions from another such as Administrators inheriting some from the Staff group. This is why parents exist. In a sense, you can think of them as subgroups. The parent group should always be the one on the bottom of the inheritance.

-Group related permissions are divided by 3 types (normal join status, moderator status, and owner status). Groups are allowed to further organize it so that you can set up unique permissions for group moderators or even its owner. So let's say you have some project running and create a group to have members join. You may want some moderators to run it. Therefor you can easily edit their status to be mods and set up such permissions; even allow them to moderate a forum. Owners can be possibly set to edit a specific forum. No more bugging an administrator for editing their forum. This allows the administration to have groups literally become mostly independent if needed.

-And then your user specific permissions. This will be ordered lasted so if you have any revoke permissions here, it will revoke no matter what group may grant it.

-If you are joined to a banned type of group, it will automatically go last to ensure that any permissions granting you permission to do anything post related is completely revoked. Group Permission ordering is important!

-The Root/Owner user may obtain all permissions without any limitations as long as they decide to not disable them. (it is toggle-able).

Now I can talk about it all day and say all of its features and bore you. Instead I'll show a few pictures and describe what it means.

1 - Edit Menu: Literally most of the board removes anything hardcoded and makes it possible to edit it easily without any programming knowledge. The tooltip that is popping up is the permissions required to view this menu link or category divider. It is possible for categories to be blank and allow just white space in between. Yes, it is possible to set an array of permissions that will allow you to see it should one of them be returned true for you. `menulinks` also allows you to set links for a user panel, admin panel, and other such possible panels.

2 - Edit Board Settings: Part of the Edit Board Settings panel. As seen here, there's some simple group related settings as well as some user related ones. I decided to not make a group for Account Terminated users (disabled completely) and control how they appear here. You will also see the owner defined here too. ONLY ROOT CAN CHANGE THIS! Which reminds me, there's specific things that only root defined users can change. (there's a rootonly flag for many things such as forums, groups, permissions, and certain board settings). The owner can grant a rootonly permission of grant-all to a user/group and they will be treated as the owner would.

3 - Edit Group: Upon editing a group, you will notice several things. Besides what controls the power title of normal members and moderators, you will notice the nifty color changer for that group. It allows you to instantly see what your color will look like compared to the old color. Clicking the top checkbox will force all colors to use the group color (the first one). Otherwise you can specify gender related ones like so. You may notice that mods share their color. I may add the option for good measure if needed. Moderator title is the power title and Moderator name is what appears in the memberlist for that group's moderators. You should always use the plural form here.

4 - Group: I felt like this particular group showed an example of what could make use of the moderator permissions and also the Group Note system. Not only does it child the general WOW players group, it also had some moderators who have been renamed "Guild Moderators". Moderators have moderator given permissions and are able to remove members from the group. They can also approve new members should it be a moderated group. In addition, they can set a public note and a moderator/owner viewable one. ONE BIG NOTE! Moderators being able to remove members can be disabled! The case this is extremely useful is where you need to have a different tier to the group but are not actually its moderators. For example, let's say you didn't want to have a Global Moderators group and stuffed them all into one group. The benefits being that its members have typical local moderator permissions and its moderators have global moderator permissions. And let's say you decide to make them all moderate and remove global moderators. You can simply change all perms to point to the members instead and just edit them all into members instead of mods.

There's more, much more. But many of the panels are still being worked on and I feel they are not ready to be seen yet. The possibilities with this board are endless. I am hoping to get it into Beta before the end of this year but we'll see. Since more progress has been made, I have decided to add more testers to the board (considering the few I added aren't that active).

If you would like to take a look at the board or ask questions, please do so here. If enough really want to see it, I'll share its link. (of course, I did sort of leak it at one or two other places so eh) Do note it IS ALPHA and it will probably be a bit buggy. I am hoping this will completely change the way most boards handle its communities. It allows all sorts of possibilities and flexibilities. At least that's the plan. The code is clean and completely redone.

I hope you enjoy this project. It is my hopes that it will make creating communities easier.

Edit: I forgot to mention that permissions can be so far advanced that you can literally specify if you should give permission to edit a specific user, thread, or forum's posts. Yeah, some of those options may seem silly but it could be useful to someone.

Be a cool person and check out this thread and comment on it!
There's custom dimensions and really neat sorcery you can enjoy!
Scrydan does Datapack things to Minecraft - 1.16 Minecraft Java Datapack Requests

Minecraft Randomizer: Scrycrafter
I decided to just host it at root. Post related features are still being polished but eh, you can at the very least post and test other things - soon the Wiki.
The more support I get, the faster development and being able to get this out of Alpha.

I need to do some more extensive group testing. So if you want to go check it out, you should go visit my profile. The link to it is there.

Be a cool person and check out this thread and comment on it!
There's custom dimensions and really neat sorcery you can enjoy!
Scrydan does Datapack things to Minecraft - 1.16 Minecraft Java Datapack Requests

Minecraft Randomizer: Scrycrafter
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