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War (Revived for lulz)
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Anyone remember this old thread from February? Well, I'm bringing it back, baby. (Well, I didn't create the thread, Luigi San did. Credit to him.) Anyways, here's how it works, you pick a territory (Or territories, I guess), and once all territories are chosen, you can start attacking/making peace with other user's territories. (See old thread for better explaination).

-No God Mode
-No taking all the land
-No Instantly Blowing up the World and killing everybody *coughAmamdacough*

Failure to follow those rules will void your action.

K, here's the map (Hey, I'm not Picasso, and the map doesn't really matter, does it? I know it's all islands, please don't complain about it.) Start claiming territory now. GO!!!

(Map Removed, better, updated one in below posts.)

This is Daaa77's world. My territory!

And yes Pieguy, I am well aware that I got badly pwned last time...

EDIT: Crappy Map Removed
I want the bottom right continent.

Can I name it Ganon400's Dark Kingdom?

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You're doing it wrong.

Who is?

Edit: If we are using Buizels map, I want the bottom left continent, and the island to its right that is next to the large continent.
Can I also have that tiny african shaped island above the continent above mine?

I name my land Ganon's Dark Domain.

I want it A dark grey, blue color.

My outpost isle (hehe, sounds like a game i know of...) is the one to the north of my large area.

Oh, and my little island to the right is called Chu Chu Isle.

Available for bug-testing/play-testing.
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Try to edit yourself on MS Paint, but don't save it as .gif or .bitmap ..

Please don't take a the whole land (continents only), at least make space for other people too.
Changed my mind. I took this.I looked at the other thread before posting.

Capital: Dark City (No citys shown)

Largest City: Dark City

Central island area: 140,061,001
Tiny island out to north west: 19,009
Tiny island out to south west: 165,021
Part of that other island: 604,731

Strong Navy
Collection of odd substance in main city (Mine!)
We have some hydrogen bombs.
A special animal reserve
Lots of fruits, and fish
Use of current as primary energy source, secondary: (secret)
Cons: Surrounded on all sides...

About us: Our people are reclusive, and secretive, however we have managed to become a great trade empire. Our people are genetic cross breeds. We made some of the perfect beasts, and implanted the DNA into the general population. The result? Powerful and quick race of monsters. The people have been divided into two groups. The aggressive, and the non aggresive. They are paired together and placed in somewhat even amounts around territory, except in places adjacent to other territorys as well as the central city, where the aggressive far outnumber the non aggresive. I represent my people in saying "Leave us alone, and we will leave you alone." We are tech savy, and also love nature. We have set up special reserves to breed...nevermind that. I will state my policies now. Don't attack us, and we will leave you alone. Don't hunt our animals. We are open to peaceful negotiations. We only position the aggresives like so to provide our trade system some defense. Any further communications will have to be set up. Good day. :D

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Capital and Largest City: Ourse
Population: 12,000,000

Strong Navy.
Slightly strong Army.
Numerous resources.

Not many air terminals.

Okaimi Isles

Capital and Largest City: Lilles
Population: 3,000,000

Slightly strong Navy.
Various tropical fruits.

Vulnerable of being attacked.

I will take the very-bottom-right-ish island:

Continent Name: Industria

Largest City: Fort Empyrean

Population: 5,000,000 (Estimate)

-Heavy industrial and military country. Produces advanced weaponry and industrial technology

-Home of elite Empirion National Military Administration (ENMA). In shore, it's the "America" of this world, policing others with justice, and restraint of violence unless necessary

-Renowned for it's science, computer, and athlectic administrations as well. A modern day Sparta.

-Home of the 13th Squadron "Praetorian Guard". Houses 5 of the most brilliant, and physically adept supersoldiers:

A)Tallboy: Demolitions expert. Invented the Tallboy nuke, which can be used if provoked, and runs the weapons unit. Extremely well versed in EVERY nation's advanced technology, and his "Red Team" is also adept at usage of enemies as well. Depending on alliances, Industria Red Team can provide all the nukes you need, or have you nuked to oblivion. Use wisely.

B)3rd Eye: Intelligence expert. Has ability to forsee the future, and is a master scholar. His "Green Team" has the ability to asses all enemy data and intelligence, and produce solutions and defenses for combat. Can also predict an attack, a course of action, or the movements a country must make. Depending on alliances, Industria Green Unit can either give your team the winning edge, or sweep you under your feet.

C)Ezekiel: Infantry Expert. Controls the army and special Spartan unit. A hardened soldier of war. He and his team of 500 are the most ruthless, efficient infantry units out there. His "Brown Team" can commandeer any infantry weaponry, infrastructure, and technology, and use it to wipe out the enemy. Depending on alliance, Industria Brown Team can provide the 500 to lead a grand assault, or it can wipe out your front, rear, side, AND reinforcement flank before you can even blink.

D)Deepvoice: Naval expert. Well versed in British naval tactics, and modern aquatic technology, his 1500 Navymen have all oceans covered.
The navy contains submarines, battleships, waterbikes for infantrymen, and solar powered beams. They are the "Blue Team"

E)Emperor Sagittaire: That's me. Take all the 4 above, and add an efficent, cunning, clever leader. He sees through all ploys. Nothing can pass him. He rules his country with great responsibility and honor. His countrymen look up to him with great respect and faith. Sagittaire, as emperor, vows to establish Industria as the strongest power in the world, and eliminate those who seek to dominate the world in it's entirety. He is in charge of the Praetorian Guard, as well as being emperor, and also is in charge of the Industria Air Force, the "White Team". The air force sweeps enemy territory, and act as both scouts and air assault. The deadliest of them all.


-Industria will not fight unless provoked. If you strike our land, you lose our benefits, and will be attacked. Ally with us, and if you need a piece of land, we'll help you with it. We dont take sides. Services go to the highest bidder.

-Demolitions: Nukes will cost you..big time. Maybe even an island on occasion, unless you can offer something better...

-Intelligence: Incorrect future predictions leave you vulnerable to attack. Whatever defense you had planned after an incorrect predition must be forefeited until after the rebuttal. HOWEVER, if the future prediction is correct, you have an increased chance to win your territory. Of course, you can use 3rd Eye for enemy intelligence, for the right price.

-Naval: Only one con: Air units AND Nukes can wipe you out swiftly, but with the right Naval setup, you can set up a border around your country, and ward off land attacks. Naval units are for defense, and just as expensive as demolitions, and air.

-Air Force: INSANELY EXPENSIVE! Will most likely cost you another continent, but in turn, ensures 90% success. Pair with Nukes to ensure 100%, but be prepared to cough up an arm and leg. Plan wisely...

-Infantry: Nukes will always wipe out infantry. BUT, infantry can capture enemy intelligence, and weaponry. If you'd like to use our specialized infantry, go right ahead.

-Low food resources. We have enough for our people, but not to give.

-Low natural resources. All used up by industry. There are underground gardens within the land that provide oxygen and advanced environmental technology to quell pollution.

Sagittaire, you may think you know something about our secrets, but you would be dead wrong.

Asides from that, where are you getting the money for these things?
(I had to ask...)

Also, can you put your island on the one that i already edited? You also need to claim your little white spots, or someone else wiil.

pieguy, how is it outdated? the map?

Available for bug-testing/play-testing.
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Your layout has been removed.
Income: Comes from the selling of all weaponry and factories to those who buy. Industria is a neutral state, but keeps a close eye on EVERYTHING...for entertainment purposes...

We sell what you need to expand.

Economy topping out at 284 Trillion US, which exchanges to 284 Trillion Industrian Dollars (More or less the same as the American Dollar). Trust me, we have money.

If one attacks Industria, you will be eliminated. That simple. Preffered if you save your attack until acquisition of more land. It will save you trouble, and make for a even fight (Even, as in my enemy having a small chance against Industria).

The white spots are mine. I'll update the map tomoroow. Anyone who takes them will have their forces executed by Brown team swiftly and mercilessly.

I claim all underwater territory that runs between my islands. I also claim all territory that goes around my islands to a distance of 45 miles. This way, my energy system is set, and I don't steal from anyone else.

Available for bug-testing/play-testing.
Hacking on hold, lack of willpower.

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Population: Approximately 1,051,000
Many mines for different minerals in the northern mainland and good climate for tropical fruits in the southwest. It has a good navy and airforce, but also a bad army. Is currently working on space travel and has launched anti-missle satelittes to prevent nearby nuclear attacks. The island and western inhabitants are normally peaceful, but will fight for their country and way of life. However, the people working the mines are a bit agitated by the government and occasionally attempt to revolt.

My country is neutral, but will attack if provoked. We will make alliances with other countries, but if we're dragged into war by them, we will break them off.

Daaa77's World.

Population: approximately 400,000

It's a very tropical place. We grow coconuts, coffee, and tropical fruits. We have a fishing industry to the left of our country since most the right seas are owned by Ganon400. We also have animals that can be sold as exotic pets. But... our military is on the weak side. There are a few good bases on the south side, but that's pretty much all. It makes a good vacation spot, but... not a lot of people live here. If any countries need help or maybe a spot to make base camps, that's OK to us. We are OK economically, due to our many exports. We are a mostly peaceful nation that will pretty much only attack other countries if they attack us.

But take notice, the soil is mostly quicksand/landfill. Over the years, we have invented special boots that can pass through, but, to other countries, this makes land attacks very difficult.

-Lots of Resources and Exports
-Will provide support to desperate countries
-Quicksand/Landfill provides defense from Land Attacks

-Weak Military
-Low Population
-Landfill Soil makes it hard to farm, plus buildings and people could sink into it.
3rd Eye announcement:

The future has been seen:

-All will declare neutrality. One side must fight against another eventually

-Ganon is weakest, as his lands are surrounded by enemies. Perhaps buy some Industria Navy technology and battleships in exchange for...DNA technology for IGT (Industria Green Team) experimentation. Safety can be assured then.

-Pieguy is secure, but without proper fortifications, is just as vulnerable as Ganon. Investment in technology is a must

-Detros and Daaa777 will face off in war VERY soon...the greed of land and power will consume both. I know the winner, but it will cost a hefty sum of money to purchase that information.

-Buizel will remain neutral unless provoked. Sources say he hides a great secret...

All Nations: Industria's Military service is at your disposal. Make requests for one of the 5 divisions (Remember, Air Force will cost you a LOT)

Emperor Sagittaire addresses:

Nations of this world: Mattan does not have what he states, simply because they are not realistic. Mattan, you are ordered to revamp your weaponry to more realistic terms, or else a joint front will assault your island and obliterate it. 3rd Eye has gathered intelligence that you do NOT possess these items, and that you are merely bluffing. Such a transgression is an insult to the development of other countries. You have been warned.


Eagleland and Winters are technically seperate countries, but they are such close allies that other countries treat them as one. Eagleland has a very temperate climate, but it is a bit warmer towards the bottom as there is a desert there. The capital is Fourside, located on the bottom-right peninsula. Winters on the other hand is a very chilly country. It has a strong naval force to complement Eagleland's air force. The population is quite low, but there are several natural resources such as wood and coal in abundance. Both of these countries are known for alien sightings. We are peaceful, but we will support our allies if they enter a conflict.

Population of Eagleland: 15,000,000
Population of Winters: 500,000

- Two seperate countries that are allied.
- Stong air and naval capabilites.
- Winters has abundant natural resources.

- Winters has low population.
- Air force and naval force are owned seperately, so they aren't as coordinated.
- Slow to go to war (good or bad?)

-Alien sightings?

@whoever makes next map, please add Mattan's Island. Because I actually thought out my post, Mattan posted before me -_-
Stats for pieguy1372's Territory

Population: ~7,000,000
Capital: Pleasant Valley
Largest City: Pleasant Valley

pieguy1372's Territory is a country comprised of many islands, as you see on the map. As such, its strong points are its navy and its air force, though its army is well-trained as well. It has an abundance of tropical fruit.

It's a rather peaceful country, but it will attack if attacked or if it sees a weakness in another country.

-Large amount of resources including steel, wood, cotton, meat, and tropical fruit.
-Trade regulation as it's near the middle
-Many technical advances in the past few months
-Strong, well-trained military
-Being stupid there is a crime

-Vulnerable position

Your layout has been removed.
Originally posted by MATTAN
it have got super laser beams that can kill anybody. The island is very tropical and if you wanna spend youre holiday there it´s okay. We allso have super space ships with super laser canons. We allso have super elephants that can can shoot laser from theyre eyes.

fuck yeah meowingtons
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Originally posted by name128512
Originally posted by MATTAN
it have got super laser beams that can kill anybody. The island is very tropical and if you wanna spend youre holiday there it´s okay. We allso have super space ships with super laser canons. We allso have super elephants that can can shoot laser from theyre eyes.



EDIT: So... are we gonna ignore Mattan's island? It wasn't included in Issac's map, but he made the map a .jpg anyway. Mattan, if you're gonna play, put your island on the map again AND SAVE IS AS PNG, NOT JPEG! (Trust me, it's much clearer), and be realistic this time (Refer to Saggitaire).

We could offer you the DNA technology for reptiles. The process for incorprating it into your system is completly different for each body makeup. We won't give you the process for mammals, but reptiles perhaps.

Available for bug-testing/play-testing.
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