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What The Heck 2 [An Unfinished Project]

Yo! For day 3 of C3, I wanted to release the hack I was working on for about half a year. (Sadly Unfinished) A few LPers might know what this is and I've shown a few screenshots of it on the screenshot/video thread.

This is about Luigi wanting to save the princess before Mario, it's a random story so whatever!

I recommand this only to experienced players since this is pretty darn hard and there is about 12 exits or more.

Download Link(Only works in zsnes :(, blame am4 and the music from smwc)(I'll try to fix it)
Pictures of Beta Stuff(Password is in the final level of the special world)
levelengine's LP Playlist
TheRealNinjaBoy's LP playlist

Hope you have fun with it.
And no I'm not finishing this anytime soon. (Wrote this in a rush)
I actually like it! The atmosphere is also appealing as well, and the main plot looks interesting (Luigi wanting to save Peach before Mario is like a rivalry lol). May put this in my list of hacks to play soon after C3.

And it's sad to see that you're not finishing this thing, it was (and still is) so great... but whatever, it's your hack, do what you want with it.
Originally posted by Archie

And it's sad to see that you're not finishing this thing, it was (and still is) so great... but whatever, it's your hack, do what you want with it.

I didn't really want to finish it since it was just an experimentation using tools I never used before (sprite tool, sample tool, HDMA, layer 3 editor, status bar editor, etc..)
Judging by the screen shots, I'm really interesting in playing this. Its sad that you won't work on it for a while, but hey, at least we get to play it anyway!
Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

(rip my other userbars momentarily)

I've included a download link in the OP of a bunch of older pictures of the levels, showing that I've been changing levels on and on and on.

And yea the password is at the end of the special world.
I didn't really play it all, but I'd like to call your attention to unfairness. In the level #1, when I climb the vine near to the beggining, I'm almost always hit with a rock, with no enough time to notice it and dodge it. There were a few other spots where dodging enemies was nearly impossible too, so keep in mind to avoid that when hacking.

You're a kaizo hacker too, right? Because your hack has a lot of munchers. :P

I found it pretty enjoyable as far as I played it, just kind of too difficult, but that shouldn't be flagged as an issue at all. I liked especially your palettes. Also, for a vanilla hack, I didn't find those SMB1 graphics in the level #4 (I think), but I'm not sure if there's a reason for them to be there anyway, so...

Keep it up! #smw{:peace:}