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Archie's Pack of Hacks

Yeah. This thread is for hacks of mine that were cancelled, but I brought them back to life and am not planning to finish them. There are also hacks that I revamped to make them look less boring, but still maintain the same difficulty.

Fourteen Hitler

You really thought I would let this hack to die in the graveyard, didn't you? Now here are the first three levels of it that I could remake on February, but didn't release on the hack thread 'cause I wanted to get my attention to Facedesk. Without further ado, here are the screenshots:
Grassy Clouds

P-balloon section.
Mush X-2

Here is quite a way to avoid the Eerie (and no, you don't have to jump on the bullet bill).

But only here is that you need to use the bullet bill: to make the Eerie respawn, but in a different direction.

Chocolate Cavern


Jump on those parakoopas so you can stomp on that green shelless koopa easily.

The stars are your enemies.

Layer 2.

That is a downwards bullet bill exiting from that pipe.

You have to make the mushroom lift by using layer 2 because of the tiny pipe that's not in this screenshot.

Download link.


A Castle Level

Remember this? That was my 5th Vanilla Level Design Contest entry, now it's fixed, and a few sections were removed. I made it shorter because I was on a rush, but I think it is good right now. Now, for the screenshots:

The Flipside inspiration.

Download link. Hope you enjoy it.


There are also some other hacks that are still with me, and if I get around submitting them, I will edit this post.
Awesome! Now they don't have to go to waste.
I thought about doing that with Holy Sheisse and Super Mario w00t but I don't think I'll have time before C3 is over.
I did it before but I didn't make 100% sure it was ready first.
I still may need to correct some stuff still and I'm too lazy right now.
Legacy custom music
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