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I Need More Help...patched a ROM successfully but znes wont load it.

SO on a previous thread i was told to use floating ips to patch the ROM i had so i could play some of these awesome looking patches you all have made but when i patched the ROM and went to load it on znes it wont come up.its like im clicking on nothing... nothing loads. Please help im really looking forward to playing some of these patches you guys worked hard on.

Thanks again,
So, you applied the patch to the clean rom first, right?
Next you loaded the previously clean rom in ZSNES, right?

There is also an easier way to do this if it isn't working.

Just open a newer version of Lunar Magic, and open your CLEAN rom in Lunar Magic. Go to File -> Restore -> Apply IPS Patch to this Rom, and then use the IPS patch you downloaded.
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.. actually everything marion and luigi just said is wrong.
Super Mario World (U) [!].smc is exactly the ROM you want, the [!] stands for a clean ROM and (U) just means the US version.

And Flips is used in the same exact way as Lips, only that Flips has more features, so keep using Flips.

The only good tip he's given is that you should check if your ROM is clean using ROMClean.
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When You Load The Rom You Load The SMC. File Not The IPS. File.
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You Guys Did It !!!!!

Just needed a new rom....

Thanks guys!