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Mario Kart Wii Firend Code

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Mii Name:Yoshi
Post Your Code, Mii Name, Stars, And VR Below.
SSSSSOOOOOO, Go, Add Me, Now! #smw{B)}
Hey remember me! Me neither!

a.k.a. TehUndeadSpartan222 on youtube

Chikorita is best pokemon <3

Check out my scratch(! Username is MarioGamer120. Working on a Five Nights at Sugarcube Corner 2.Link

Currently: Ripping off (what used to be) MercuryPenny's footer, which is also a rip off of someone else's footer, so... I don't know if I'm like stealing a footer sence im ripping of a ripped of footer but...meh. I won't worry about it, and also celebrating 1,000 subs on youtube :D and trying to beat nightmare mode on FNAF3 and 20 mode on FNAF 1 and 2

Also something like this might be more appropiate in Gaming. But even then I don't think this thread has enough content anyways.
Indeed, we already have a game code database in Gaming. You can post your codes there, please.

Xinn, your post qualifies as backseat moderating. Please allow the moderators to handle cases like this, or PM one that's online.

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