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The Official Caffie Radio Thread
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As the official radio director, I am proud to present the new and improved Caffie Radio!

Yes, the radio is back (and has been for a while now!) and hopefully won't die out again. I've already gathered quite a few people who are interested in DJ'ing, and I've redesigned Caffie Radio's website as well. The website is available at

I've listed both scheduled DJs (DJs who DJ primarily on specific days) and unscheduled DJs (DJs who DJ whenever they feel like it). There are enough unscheduled DJs, but I'm still looking for one or two scheduled DJs. PM me if you're up for it!

You can also find some of my playlists and other various recordings from past DJ'ing sessions, as well as a radio embed, so you can listen to the radio in your browser! (Not supported in older versions of IE)

The old (with the stream information, recent songs played, etc.) is still available here.

We also have an IRC channel on called #radio. You can request songs for the current DJ (if they allow requests) and discuss anything about the radio in there as well.

Also, just to clarify: The DJ is held responsible for what is actually played on the radio. He/she can choose whether or not he/she would like to play copyrighted music.[1]
Background image by Tzadkiel & Anomalin
If there a possibility to allow others (after screening, processing the required information and papers, and waiting 2 to 5 business days) to run the radio? I have always held an interest in trying it out back when the radio came up, i feel that there's no problem in simply asking again.

But anyways:
Glad to see the radio being frequently used once again.
Originally posted by Richard Nixon
If there a possibility to allow others (after screening, processing the required information and papers, and waiting 2 to 5 business days) to run the radio? I have always held an interest in trying it out back when the radio came up, i feel that there's no problem in simply asking again.
If you would like to give it a try, sure. Just send me a PM. :)

I'd like to note that I don't want too many people thinking they can just ask if they can DJ once and then run off. I'm looking for people who can DJ often. I don't like having people that aren't really part of the radio crew having the radio password. I'll probably let the few 2 or 3 people go, but after that, you'll only get it if you want to become a "permanent" scheduled or unscheduled DJ.
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Is it too late for me to get in as an unscheduled DJ?

I have some questions, but don't know if it would fit here.
Whatever happened to Caffie Radio? Seriously, is it ever going to come back up again, I really miss it.
I think it died. After doing some research, the radio didn't get much listeners, and no one has played any music at all for the past few months.

I think SMWC can do fine without it though.
Plus, people were complaining about the flashing pony, and as long as the radio is gone, the pony is.
last word received from x-treme and the last few people streaming was that it broke; stopped working entirely (this being two months ago at the most). Not sure if it has been brought up to Kieran as of yet however.

Also I'm pretty sure Kieran doesn't give a shit about people bitching about a pony on screen.
As of roughly 2 weeks ago

Originally posted by K3fka
Kieran basically said he doesn't think there's enough interest in the radio for it to be worth fixing. I'll see if those users who are interested can give me some of their plans for the radio in writing and maybe we can convince him otherwise.

So yes Kieran knows about it and fixing it isn't really high on the priority list.
Re: Radio Revival

I think the best way to get this on track is create a solid plan for what would be done with the Radio and use that to convince Kieran to give it higher priority. If people have plans for the Radio, my recommendation is to write them up and send them to a member of the PR team (myself, ninja boy, or PatPatPat) and we'll make sure Kieran sees it.
idk what to put here
How about the VGM contests? Wasn't Derpy intending to host one on the radio a few months ago?

I had a plan of signing up as a DJ and playing music every Sunday. Not sure if I would specifically bring a lot of listeners for the music I like (dubstep, trap and a few other less obscure variations of EDM), but there's something I guess.
Any news? I would have the means to play music more often than once a week now :(
Again, Kieran would need convincing. I think our best bet is to have some sort of plan detailed and sent to us, and we'll forward it on to Kieran.
idk what to put here
To anyone still interested in Caffie Radio, let's talk about what we want to do with the radio. I'm sure some neat things could be done with it, so let's start coming up with some ideas to revitalize the radio, and I'll work on getting Kieran to bring this back if we can do some cool stuff.
idk what to put here
Ooh, we could have like certain times of days when a specific DJ or other dj could give news about current things (that are not worth putting on the news part or not worth putting on the news, or maybe things happening over on speedrun) or advertise a hack between songs. Some DJ's could have radio shows, that's something else that could be possible. There could also be SMW Central interviews on the radio. Just some ideas.
I do like the idea of radio shows. Something that we talked about previously was doing coverage of C3 submissions on the radio, but unfortunately that never came to fruition. I think if we do radio shows, a weekly format might work best unless we have a lot of DJs because they might run out of content otherwise.
idk what to put here
I remember a long time ago there was a method of playing songs automatically from an FTP server that users could upload songs to. What happened to that?
Wasn't that kinda what WinAmp and the ShoutCast plugin was? I don't recall it being an FTP server. But yeah, this is what I really want to see back.

I would love to see this back too and would even be willing to DJ some nights that I am actually off work and near my home computer.
Layout by LDA during C3.
I am definitely one of the people who REALLY want it back, and I did get the DJ password but by the time i did it was already down. Though if (and hopefully when) comes up, i could do a lot of DJ'ing as I got plenty of free time I could use to do it.
If users could upload songs themselves, that would be neat. It's potentially open to abuse if people upload random audio files, but I'd be willing to give it a shot and see how it works out.
idk what to put here
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