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[W2] Magma Rock Galaxy

Another level of mine. Has 2 sections.
Here is the download link:

Credits goes to: reghrhre.
The level you got there has potential, but I think you need to change a few things:
- The music doesn't fit with the level. I suggest something more lava/magma-ish, like Melty Molten Galaxy, Super Meat Boy-Hell or Butsutekkai.
- The second section is just kind of there. Some of the background mountains are just floating mid air (or are they supposed to stand on the black blocks in the background?). The two hammer suits make the part really easy, because you can snipe the goomba's easily, and all that's left is just a simple maze. You could either remove the hammer suits and/or add some roto discs. You could also consider redoing the entire section.
- The first jumping koopa kind of ambushes you right at the start, you could replace it with a normal koopa.
- The venus fire trap between the spikes doesn't spawn.
- I believe smbx might crash when a mushroom falls in the lava. Although this didn't happen during my playthrough, it might not be a bad idea to set the speed of the mushroom to 0 with npc-codes.
- Your level uses the wrong exit. You need to use the SMB 3 Star exit.
- I personally don't like it when a level uses three different kind of goomba's. This is just nitpicking, though.

As I mentioned, the level has potential. The first section has nice aesthitics and some solid design. If you change the second section and the music, the level will improve greatly.
Gotcha. Will take your suggestions. Hey, can you link me the MP3 file for Super Meat Boy-Hell?
I can't compress my level with Super Meat Boy-Hell music, and I don't want to put it at any other page except SMWC because of viruses...
I've been using MEGA to upload my files.
Where are you getting viruses from?
Well, from some suspicious pages and files.
Can you link me a page with no viruses and is unsuspicious?
If you're going to use a site that has ads and the like, you're just going to have to man up and learn to figure out which links will take you to what you're downloading. It's usually pretty simple to be honest, ad downloads are large and bombastic, regular downloads aren't. If you don't like those, sign up for a Dropbox.
This level still has some major errors that prevent it from being accepted; see BlueLeaf's post.
I've got permission from Trollope to improve his levels, and I started with this one.

List of changes I made:
- Replaced the music
- Made the skull raft part in the first section a bit longer
- Completely reworked the second part
- Set the mushroom speed to 0

Difficulty wise it might be bumped up to world 3, mainly due to the increased length.
Tell me what you guys think of the changes and if I should change anything else.

Download Link
This one is actually pretty neat - really love the small skull raft gimmicks it used, from the switches to the last section after Boom Boom. It's definitely an improvement from the previous version too, so it's good now.