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Mario/Luigi Live Palette Editor
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After finishing my Sprite GFX Creator I ended up beeing kinda bored.
So I continued to work on my hack. Eventually I got to the point were I needed some custom palette for Fire Mario for one level, so I was told to use Roy's Custom Mario Palette and this is where I thought to myself:
"Do I have to guess which palettes would look good for an "Ice Mario", insert the patch, see that the palettes are not perfect yet, so rewrite the table patch again... over and over again...

So, I had the classes already at hand, did some rewriting and e viola. This little tool was finished.

So much for the story of how this tool came into existance. It's not that big of a tool but can be quite helpfull when recoloring mario for the entire hack or just use Roy's patch for one or two levels.

What this tool does:
  • It allows you to try different pallets for Mario/Fire Mario/Luigi/Fire Luigi and see live results
  • You can view the characters in 12 different poses
  • You can choose which characters the tool displayes (for example remove Luigi and Fire Luigi from display to make the window smaller
  • You can select wheather a color dialog is braught up when clicking on a palette or reopen the color dialog for the selected color
  • You can let the tool display the SNES table needed for Roy's Patch by clicking on "SNES Table"
  • You can save and load changes as .mlp files
  • A clipboard for colors is implemented use <CTRL + Leftclick> to copy a color and <Rightclick> to paste it.
The Settings.set file need to be in the same directory as the .exe

yczedit: table stretch begone
Gotta say I am really liking these new tools, great job :D They'll make SMW hacking a hell of a lot easier, its the little things really aha..

I may get back into SMW hacking after seeing all these ^w^

That's actually pretty cool and I'm sure will be very helpful. Great job man. ;)
Layout by LDA during C3.
Even staring at this helped me.

By far one of the best tools in the shed and or forum!

What-A-Blast has been cancelled...
**Layout by Erik557

Added a "patch" button with which on can search for a .smc SMW ROM and get his selected colors "patched" to it. (this will be for all levels obviously)
So, no need for Lunar Magic at all.

Anime statistic on MyAnimeList:
400 animes completed ✓
6000 episodes completed ✓
100 Days completed ✓
... what even am I doing with my life?
Thank you!

I downloaded this just now. Now it is not necessary to replace colors in every level with Lunar Magic.
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