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Super Mario Logic (Game Finished!)


^ I'll fix that for the final version.
I have now finished the title screen and here is the next beta version that shows the title screen in action.

This version also fixes some minor stuff and adds the cut scene with Kamek in it at the end of the game.

All I have to do now is possibly the story screen and the ending screen with the credits and its freaking done.

Let me repeat myself. Once I get the credits done then its pretty much done.

I will try and finish this by the end of spring break.

SML Beta Version 2.3 Download

This title screen by the way took many hours and was very very complicated. It involves both sprites and block tiles and uses all of the color palettes.

The no more sprite tiles limit patch enabled me to put kamek in there as a floating sprite rather than a static image.
how i do dis

(I now how it says 2.1 in the file name but this hasn't changed.)
i know, its a little tough, but its the very last normal level in the game so one would expect a challenge.

you must leave a coin or block behind to make the jump to the goal. basically get all of the coins except leave one behind like at the 5 tile high mark and get everything else.

if someone wants to post a solution thats fine with me.
Here are the current credits that I have which will be inserted into the game. I have tried to include everyone who made a contribution to the hack. If you contributed something and I left you out by accident then let me know.









Glyph Phoenix

Additional Programming

Von Fahrenheit










Special Thanks

Kaisaan Siddiqui


I am still looking for two custom songs. The mario kart 64 opening theme and the trophy theme if anyone wants to port these.

I am also working on getting the credits to scroll correctly.


Also got the credits letter fonts ready to be inserted into yychr. I know such a graphics file already exist, but I never could find it so I just got the font from spriters resource.

The font will scroll over the castle screen and will show the credits you see above listed.

I will be doing it in a very similar fashion to the original smw in which the small font says the title of the job and the big font will be the person's name.

All I have to do is really the credits and few more finishing touches and then this project is done!

Lets get this thing done already!!!! I'm going to wrap this sh*t up and finish this thing!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!
ayyyy i'm in the credits

Congrats on all the progress on this though, this looks to be a promising hack to play.
This screen is now fixed and ready to be inserted into the rom. Notice the hill's shadow is now corrected.

Okay I looked at the game again this weekend and ended up doing tons of minor work.

I fixed a wrong pallet color on the title screen. It wasn't that noticeable, but it bugged me.

I got Blargg to make a cameo appearance in the game where he pops up once in a lava level just to say hello.

I got rid of tons of more cement blocks in the levels by replacing them with pipe graphics. I think I'm done now with getting rid of cement blocks for good. There are still some remaining, but I think they are okay to leave in.

The castle ending screen isn't inserted yet. This will have to be done during spring break. Spring break happens after this coming friday.

In fact this whole freaking game should be finished after spring break. I'm fing serious!

There are a few blocks which I want to make them play a sound effect when touched. Like some warp blocks, I want them to play the course clear sound effect before/while warping.

Once the credits have scrolled I want the screen to stop at this image of mario, peach and luigi standing in front of the castle. I didn't get these graphics from another game. I personally paid a pixel artist to do original artwork since I wanted my hack to stand out.

This screen basically says to the player "hey dumbass you beat the game and its all fing over. now press a button and now you will be warped back to the title screen so you can do it all over again."

Here is an example of what I was talking about when I said I was eliminated more cement blocks. The yellow and gray pipes used to be all cement blocks. Hopefully it looks better with the pipes. :)

So yeah, I am declaring that in 2 weeks the game should be DONE! For spring break I have no excuses to not work on the game and I should be able to finish everything that's left.


In 2 weeks the game should be done!!! Look forward to it.

But I may need your help, if you can be on the look out for my questions and help in the help threads.

And I want to say that without the help from many of the members here this game would not be possible to complete, so many thanks goes out to the community here for your assistance. :)
Okay here is a mini update.

What I've done so far:

- Fixed the stage where Lakitu throws spiny's. I made them despawn by letting them go off screen.

- On the flashlight dark room I changed a mushroom question mark block into a invisible mushroom sprite which jumps out when touched. The reason is because when the mushroom comes out of the question mark block for like 2 seconds its invisible and since I want the polish to be so great on my hack I've decided to redesign this slightly.

- Added a sound effect to the teleport blocks. The teleport blocks look like goal spheres. I made them disappear upon contact and gave them the midway point sound effect. I would actually like them to sound like a real goal sphere, but apparently that sound effects isn't isolated anywhere and is tied into the end level music.

- Made Mario invisible on the title screen via level asm... thanks ruberjig for posting that code.

Now here is a list of things that need to be done:

- Fix some strange Yoshi glitch in the last castle
thanks to thomas for fixing this!

- Need to find out how to remove the score numbers from showing up after beating a level

- Possibly fix the HDMA and circle intro because they conflict

- Make a story screen ( will use same graphics as credits screen )

- Insert credits screen's graphics

- Possibly learn Exanimation

- Make the credits screen play the credits music

- Insert the "the end" mario, peach and luigi graphics

- Loop the game back to the title screen at the very end

- Somehow use those yoshi house birds in a level without them messing up
fixed by thebiob

- I need just a sprite that sparkles like the goal sphere just for decoration

- Add a row of tiles under the last row on the title screen because of that 1 pixel thing where you can see stuff outside the screen. - fixed by myself

And that pretty much wraps up the game! And if you want to see this game completed very soon then please look out for my posts in the general help section because I'll be posting my troubles there.



Posting a mini update.

I changed the goal sphere on the 3 ghost level to have less priority than the than the goal sphere sprite by making it a block. I did this because the ghosts were appearing behind the goal sphere and it looked rather odd.

On my platform scale level I was getting a graphics glitch on the pipes when I would die by sinking. I fixed this by displaying the pipe wall graphics as sprites with the pipe graphics under the sprite graphics.

All of the other issues listed previously still exist and I'm working on them.

If you want to get in the credits list and want to contribute now is the time.


Made lakitu's stage better by making a few more tiles allow sprites to go through. this makes it so that some of the sprites are not thrown into the walls where they get stuck.
Okay so I thought that my game was going to be freaking done and.... what happened? Well its just not done yet. That's what happened.

First off I needed a break when spring break happened. The first like 3 days of spring break I just rested. Didn't care about anything. Then I baby sat my dog that's usually at my mothers house and he was a real pain.

He is DM and its a degenerate disease which slowly cripples him and makes his back legs not want to work. So this means that he barks when he wants anything; eat, bathroom, go outside.... literally everything and even though he can still walk a little bit he constantly falls down and needs help back up.

I agreed to watch him since I do this on my time off from school to give my mother a break because he drives her crazy sometimes. The dog just needs constant care and its hard to focus on anything while hes around.

Then I had to help my mother for several days with electrical work involving replacing electrical outlets and stuff.

Then I had to go see a buddy of mine to get some important stuff to work because he is moving away and I had to get him while he was still here. This took all day.

Then this last 2 days family members came over and we had to do construction work on the house. Tearing down old wood and replacing it with new wood. And I haven't even painted the new wood yet which has to be done pronto.

So again life just keeps on getting in the way. But I did manage to do somethings.

Here is the remaining list of things that need to be done for the game to be finished. Many of these things have help threads that I've created. To help click on the thread to read more about the issue or just post below.

* Need to find out how to remove the score numbers from showing up after beating a level
solved by thebiob

* Possibly fix the HDMA and circle intro on the title screen because they conflict

* Make a story screen. This screen will be basically identical to the credits screen only kamek will fly by and then the game will freeze due to the message box sprite and then it will tell the game's story.

* Insert credits screen's graphics

And here is the credits screen's graphics just ready to be inserted. I added clouds and the yellow walkway.

* Can someone teach me how Exanimation works. Just PM me or something.

* Make the credits screen play the credits music

I changed the music with the noteblock icon in LM the bypass option to play staffrole, but its not working. It just doesnt play it. Someone help.

* Insert the "THE END" big mario, luigi and peach graphics once the credits have shown

I would like these graphics to happen on the level as the credits however if I don't have enough free graphics tiles then I will be forced to warp to another level to display this final screen. Once the player presses a button on this final screen they get warped back to the title screen and the game is done.

* I need a sprite that sparkles just like the goal sphere and with gravity.
solved by thebiob

* Need a logo for the Nintendo presents start up screen

I will get a pixel artist to do this.

Also I finally tested this on bsnes. Did anyone know that my rom won't work directly on bnes, but it has to be cleaned or purified by a program to add/remove a header?

Also also, I timed myself on a complete playthrough of the game and it takes me about 1 hour to do all the levels. Keep in mind this is because I know all the solutions and have played each level a billion times. A regular 1st time player would take longer. There is also those levels at the end in the last castle where the player can come back and try and best the rest of them instead of the minimum of just 2.
That castle is looking well keep it up.
I'm working on the story screen. I'm getting those castle graphics all situated so that I can insert them with allotted color pallets and such.


watch the video


Mini update!

So I have removed the stained glass of Peach and the brown window shutters and will make them into sprites an order to save color pallets.

I know there is this thing in Lunar Magic where it can make all the graphics for you, but I'm not familiar with this process and I don't want it to reduce my colors.

So as a result I'm going this a very long and tedious way in yychr and photoshop.
I made some progress this weekend. :)

Inserted more of the story/credits screen.

Got Kamek to fly across the story screen. This involved changing his speed to make him faster and I also animated him.

Delayed the sprite message box timer to FF which gave enough time for Kamek to fly across the screen before the message pops up.

With help from Mandew I learned more about layer 3 and got rid of the "Mario" text and coin counter for the story/credits screens.

This game will get done no matter what!

Update video in link.

[mini update]

I inserted more tiles today! It will be done!


schools kind of crazy so dont expect an update in the next few weeks. have to pass final exams!!! :)
Just a handfull of tiles left and its inserted.

Then I will have to insert the sprite tile graphics and then the mario, peach, luigi the end graphics.

That looks sweet! #ab{;)} How does it look when the player is moving around on it?
The handomest people in the world are ones who follow my Twitch
That looks sweet! #ab{;)} How does it look when the player is moving around on it?

The player is invisible and non-movable made possible by level asm. So player has no involvement on this screen.