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[W3] Jungle Run

A jungle level with a calming music. Has 2 sections. First section is longer than the other. Have fun and enjoy playing it!
Credits: reghrhre.
New Version - Fixed Some Stuff

Version 1.2 - More Fixes

Version 1.3
A pretty good short level.
For the most part the level is calm and easy, but there's several minor cases of Big Mario Discrimination that come up. (As well as a few other things).


In some of the rain's frames of animation, some of the rain becomes black. I don't think it was intentional, but if it was it looks a bit weird.
(unless it's raining oil or something)


This spike top gets to this block and gets stuck. It looks a bit silly. Also another case of issue #1.


Same problem occurs in both of these spots. For whatever reason, Big Mario is unable to get under the block above him (without ducking) even though it looks like he should. Make sure Mario can get through these areas with ease, big or small.


This log moves too fast. After multiple attempts I have NEVER successfully gotten the mushroom or leaf in the item box. On top of that getting to the other side of this chasm is a chore with big Mario or Yoshi as the timing on the jump has to be pretty precise. Granted it is easy to pull off if you have the leaf, but if you don't it's pretty difficult, especially after going through the calmer nature of the 1st half.


Might just be me, but I think this jump is a bit more difficult to perform as Big Mario, might want to move those up a bit (donut blocks).


And finally, I think you should delay the goomba generator by just a tiny amount. It's a bit annoying focusing on the bat swooping down to kill you and jumping over an endless goomba army.

Anywho, good work so far. #smw{:TUP:}
Any questions or comments? Don't hesitate to ask. #smw{:peace:}
Took your suggestion. New version can be downloaded at the top of this page.
Thanks for taking my suggestions, I've played through the level once more and nearly everything is fixed.

Just a few things.


Don't think Mario is supposed to start off beyond the midpoint, lol.


Found another spot where a Spike Top gets stuck forever.


Big Mario still gets stuck in this spot even though it looks like he should fit. Either lower the ground or raise the item blocks one tile.

Other than that, the level has gotten much better.
(especially since that moving log was slowed down imo)

Keep up the good work.#smw{:TUP:}
Fixed some stuff. Forgot to fix the big Mario bug. Will fix it tommorow. Thanks for the support! :)
Has Major Errors

While it was fun to play, this level has some serious problems regarding sprite placement. It feels a bit spammed with sprites overall, as there are way too much of them, specially on slightly cramped spaces. While some of them feel like they are just populating the level, others actually fall right after they appear, which makes it look like there wasn't any actual thought on the level's obstacles.

I definitely recommend removing some sprites and altering the level's structure a bit before accepting it.
I got permission from Trollope to change this level.
I changed some of the sprites and made some slight alterations to the level's structure.
Any feedback is appreciated.

Download Link
The level plays nicely now. It doesn't feel as cramped as before - the small changes to both the enemy placement and the structure made it a lot better.