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New FAQ page, and FAQ updating

This is a totally pointless announcement, but there hadn't been a new one for a while, so I was sad.

Since people seem to get confused about user name colors a lot, I made this. Comments/requests for clarification loved.

I've also been requested to add a few things; some of which I have done, some I have not, either because it was a bad suggestion or I just haven't gotten to it, like Sagittaire's idea to add the video tutorials to the FAQ.

Basically, open thread for the FAQ. (I am aware of this thread, but it is quite stagnant; I might just desticky it in favor of this one...)
It leaves out the infamous "fade to gray" that Kphoenix has. :o
Your layout has been removed.
The POW music fix should be explained in the custom music section, since so many people end up asking about that.
Originally posted by Daaa77

You have got to be kidding me.
Anyways, at least it will prevent these questions in the future..
I think there should be some very basic information about layouts (SMWC section). For example:

Q: Where does my layout code go in the header/footer boxes?
A: The code that comes before the text in the content area goes in the header box. The code that comes after the text in the content area goes in the footer box.

Q: Is it possible to edit .sidebar#, .mainbar#, and .topbar#?
A: No it isn't.

Just a few suggestions. I'm not forcing anything into the FAQ.
There are dead links on the music tutorial pages resulted from tutorials getting deleted.
Your layout has been removed.
There should be information about submitting custom sprites. Something like this:

Q: Can I submit custom sprites?
A: Yes you can. Make sure that they aren't glitchy or cause any crashes.

Q: Can I submit custom sprites from other people?
A: If the author has make them available to the public, then you can submit them with the author's name.

However, there are cases in which the author doesn't want them submitted to this site or any other site. Because:

-They are unfinished and in progress.
-They are only for your own personal use.
-You can only download them and not distribute them or upload them someplace else.

If that's the case, then you should respect the author's wishes.

Q: I found a bug in one of my custom sprites that I submitted, can the old version be deleted and be replaced with the new version I submitted?
A: Sure, as long as you specify in the description or by sending a private message to a staff member that's in charge of that section.
Completed things:

  1. Fixed music section's links. Like every single one was broken or obsolete.
  2. Uhh...

Pretty tired now, more later...
Take your time Tat. Editing pages is a dreadful process.

Well, aside from the Vid tutorial sections (Most dont seem to like it, and hey, why not try it out and see where it goes), a few more sections:

-As the others have said, Custom Sprites
-More detailed Music section

...and, i suppose anything addressed in Basic Hack Discussion that MIGHT be useful as a FAQ question (Which, from looks of it, might be a hard little treasure hunt).

That's about it from me.
I know this isn't exactly the kind of suggestions you talked about in the your post, Tatron, but whatever, they go with the topic.

I think that the FAQ should be renamed to make it's purpose more obvious. When I first came here, I didn't bother to read the FAQ, because I thought it meant frequently asked questions about the website, as in, the website's legal policies and such, things that I and most other people would never think of reading. Although I can't say for sure, I think it's very likely that other newcomers have the same false impression of the FAQ that I did, and thus, renaming the FAQ would cause more people to read it.

As for what the FAQ should be renamed, I'm not so sure. Perhaps "SMW Hacking FAQ"?

Information about's color should be explained to people. He isn't banned, is he?
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