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Title Screen Problems/ Video Glitches

I have have 2 related problems. I redisigned my title screen, killed Mario, started recoring, and after about 100 trys, beat my level. I stopped the recording, looked over it, and closed out ZSNES. When I went to insert it in Lunar Magic, I couldn't find the file. Afterwards, I went back to ZSNES and watched the video. Mario killed himself. The video had changed, and have no idea where the video files go. Can someone help me?
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First off, you need to open the overworld and turn on the "Record Playback Data" or something like that to show that your about to use a recorded thing. Then, close out of EVERYTHING except your emulator so that you don't get any extra lag that may mess up your play through. Just play through the level, save the state, and insert the video through the overworld setting in LM and presto! Fancy new Start Screen!