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[W5, Boss] Sky Fortress Assault
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I completed another level, hooray!
I'm not sure about the boss, so I might change it based on the feedback.


Download Link

Hunter2258 - SMB3 Styled Sky Pop, Raphael the Raven
Another Great Level.

The level was designed mostly well, and I liked some of the gimmicks you threw in (i.e. the timed P-Switch which I haven't seen in this project yet).

A bit off topic but:
EPIC SONG! If you don't mind me asking what is it called or could you link me to it?

EDIT: Found it! #w{=P}

Anyway, my main issue with this level is the Sky Pop. Granted, it's barely used, it still causes a few issues defined in the video link below.

Make sure you open the video in another tab as I'll be posting my input here and not within the video.


0:01 - 0:09 Hitting a wall will force Mario to fall out and die while the Sky Pop doesn't seem to mind flying through solid objects.

0:09 - 0:25 As long as the Sky Pop is going in strictly in one direction (even the slightest movement in another direction else won't work) and the player is holding only one button, Mario can fly through walls with his airplane companion, thus breaking this part of the level.

0:25 - 0:37 However, if Mario is coming up and hits the bottom of the block, he just falls out and dies
while the Sky Pop laughs at his misery.

0:37 - End On the first run, I hit the enemy and am able to jump out because I jump in advance, knowing I'm going to hit the enemy. The second time I waited to hit the enemy and then tried to jump, which doesn't work. It's annoying that when you're hit the plane just goes on without you for a bit, forcing you to die.

I didn't mention this in the video because it's incredibly minor, but I'll bring it up anyway. Yoshi can actually eat the Sky Pop, you have to go out of your way to pull it off, but it can be done.

Anyway, to fix some of these problems you should add these lines to the npc-290.txt file.
noblockcollision=0 //won't be able to go through walls period. 
                     Fixes the first two problems.
noyoshi=1          //keep Yoshi from devouring the plane.

The 3rd and 4th problems I don't think are solvable, but redesigning the beginning segment may make it so you can avoid them altogether.

Oh and about the boss.

It's fine, and actually a fairly interesting take on the SMB3 Bowser. However, the Sky Pop can phase through the ground and after that the fight is near impossible. (However the noblockcollision code fixes this, so no worries).

Here's a tip about warps by the way.

You originally had two warps here (one for each 32x32 tile of the bottom of the door), but you can put one warp in the middle of the two (as shown)and it will still work.

Anyway great level and great ideas here. I think the level design in the opening segment should be worked around the Sky Pop in order to avoid a frustrating and glitchy opening. You could also work more with the Time Stopping P-Switch as it only appears once and feels a bit tacked on. Just a suggestion.

Any questions or comments, feel free to ask. #smw{:peace:}
Great Work!#smw{:TUP:}
C3 Thread (2013)

Thanks for the feedback (You even made a video #smw{^_^})!

I've got to admit that the section with the sky pop was a bit experimental (and the sky pop is a bit buggy in SMBX).
I've added the codes to npc-290.txt and I changed the first section, but I just removed some enemies and raised the roof. Problems 3 and 4 still aren't solved, but I think it should be better now. I don't really know how to solve these problems without deleting the whole roof and deleting all the enemies, but that would be boring.
The warp is also fixed, thanks for the tip.

Once again, thanks for the feedback, it's appreciated.

I'm also glad you like the music #w{=3}.
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