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How do you make a good level

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1-Plan your level

You should think what type of level you want. Remember this have to be fine with your overworld.

:) 2 - Make your level

Use the buttons in the bar. If the grass button's pushed, you can edit the objects. The green shell button edits the sprites. To open the Add Objects Window, push the Turn Block Button. If you want to add sprites, push the Blue Baby Yoshi button.If you want to edit the background, push the Question Block Button (To add tiles) and the Leaf button. If you don't want (example) a grassland level, but a Ghost house, you can push the Blue Poisonous Mushroom Block and select the tiles. If you want to edit the music and time, put a layer 2 (Spikes of Wendy's Castle,etc.) and the vertical scrolling, push the Mario's Head button. If you made a water level, or put a fireball, or the sprites interact with water and lava, you have to push the Lakitu button and enable sprite buoyancy. For layer 3, you push the Water button. To edit layer 2, press the Yellow Ground button.

  You can put ExGFX, too. 

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I'm sorry, did you not notice the Sticky: How To Make A Good SMW Level thread?
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