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* SMW2: Yoshi's Grand Adventure [Demo 1]

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Since my last thread is pretty old, I decided to start a brand new thread from scratch.

Anyway, the one world demo is finally here after very slow progress has been made over many months. Here's a few features of my hack in a nutshell.

- Nine brand new levels. The eight standard levels as well as the hidden extra level of world one are present. See if you can unlock the extra level!

- Edited boss fights for a new challenge against classic bosses. Both Burt the Bashful and Salvo the Slime have their battles slightly tweaked.

- There is a day and night cycle here. If you notice as you progress through World 1, the game shifts from early morning when Yoshi immediately departs after finding Baby Mario to late evening when you are on the rooftop of Salvo's Tower. Extra levels won't be affected by this though. Fun fact, the name of the hack came from the idea of that cycle. It is suppose to take days for Yoshi to reach Bowser's Castle on foot.

- Every extra level is going to have new Yoshi colors instead of the default green Yoshi. Also, each extra level will have a unique Yoshi color exclusive to the level.

Here are a few screenshots. Most of them are probably outdated though.

1-2: Fun with Platforms

1-3: Beware of Nep-Enut

1-4: Burt's Forsaken Fort

1-8: Salvo's Tower

Now comes the download link!

Demo 1 link.

Couple of things to go over:

First of all, please patch this to a version 1.0 (U) Yoshi Island ROM. Most of you should know that by now. Finally, my special thanks goes to these people:

SNN: Inspired me to hack Yoshi's Island after beta testing a 4 world demo of his hack late 2006. Also, helped me get started with my hack as well as beta testing it. He was the only person I could really turn to until he introduced me to Golden Yoshi later on.

Golden Yoshi: Provided excellent feedback for my hack and is an excellent beta tester too. He helped me get rid of the vertical parallel glitch which would have caused a nightmare for perfectionists because this glitch makes flowers and red coins disappear if you leave the screen and come back later. The second half of world one was full of this glitch.

Squash Monster: Created Eggvine so he automatically earns a spot on the list.

Mattrizzle: He is here because of his contribution to the YI scene by finding a bunch of offsets for this game. He also helped Golden Yoshi install custom Yoshi colors in his hack who then taught me how to install the colors into my hack.

Romi: I have him on the list for finding out how to disable those annoying messages you get in World 1 when you start a brand new game. Stuff like explaining what a mid-ring does to collect the five flowers message no longer appear now thanks to him.

With that say, I hope you enjoy the demo. Comments are welcome. :)
To those who haven't played this hack, please do so now. When this is released, it is going to be another SMW2+, as it is that good. The levels are very well designed (considering this is his first YI hack ever), the items are hidden well, and there are no ridiculous graphics or a nasty difficulty curve.

I highly recommend this hack to anyone who is into YI.
Looks nice, I'll probably play this once I'm finished with SMW2+2. :)
It's not even close to Halloween, and already Christmas Sales are starting early!
Not bad, it looks good so far! Your level design is fun, and sometimes creative, and your level names are cool! The only problems I can see are that Bashful Burt is too hard for a first boss and that 1-7 isn't really a villiage at all.
It's not even close to Halloween, and already Christmas Sales are starting early!
I have a problem. In 1-1, no level name is shown. And not even the Message box. Help, please.
Originally posted by MetaKnight
I have a problem. In 1-1, no level name is shown. And not even the Message box. Help, please.

Which emulator are you using? If you're using ZSNES, you may have accidently hit 3, which disables layer 3. If that's the case, just press 3 again to enable it again.
Completed demo with 100%. Some levels are pretty hard, though. Can't wait for your next demo.
this is definitely a great hack. when there´s a demo to download... or the entire game?

Yoshi's Adventure I (12.2%)
Originally posted by fabio

Right there...he did write in "Demo 1" in the title after all. o_O
I have written rubbish. I want to ask something else. Will be even more demos of the game appear next time?

Yoshi's Adventure I (12.2%)
I'm planning on releasing one more demo after World 2 is finished. Hopefully, you'll see that demo sometime in the summer. I'm going to try working on my hack more frequently since school won't interfere with me for the time being.
I can hardly expect to play the new demo

Yoshi's Adventure I (12.2%)
Time to give the Yoshi's Island Hacking forum some more life by updating my thread.

Anyway, I haven't been working on my hack for almost two months since I have little motivation. However, that doesn't mean I'm going to cancel the hack for good. I would never do that on purpose especially after finishing a world. Enough of that, I have something to show for 2-1. It's not a lot though.

2-1: Penguin Pandemonium

For starters, Yoshi is greeted by snow:

This short section involves rolling a snowball large enough so that you can access the exit to this section. You probable remember the snowball in the original.

Penguins aren't much of a threat here thanks to the snowball you have. However, that won't be the case for the majority of the level. I'll try to make the level live up to its name. I'll even add some of those evil skiing snowmans later on in the level because they seem to disappear whenever there is a snowball on the screen. >_>

That's all for now. Told you it wasn't much. I'll try to put some more time into my project.

Bad news is that they're probably won't be a demo by the end of the summer like I mentioned earlier due to the progress I've been making. I'm actually leaning towards to release a 3 world demo instead of 2 though.
That level's looking pretty nice. It looks like World 2 will be your ice-themed world. Nice use of all the snow elements. The Layer 3 snow and trees always enhance the ambience of a snow-themed level. :)

Glad to see some progress on this. :)
Yeah that pictures are very nice. I think the snow levels of YI are the best. I looking forward for your next pictures.

Yoshi's Adventure I (12.2%)
Is the 2 demo almost finished?
Wait for the creator to update it. Bumping it once was bad enough, but if no one answers you, then no one has an answer.
I probably won't post another reply in this section until he finishes the 2nd Demo. If the 2nd demo is done, PM me, OK?
@BlueYoshiMonster: If he didn't answer, that may mean he doesn't have an estimate. Just wait for people to give you a reply and don't keep nagging. >_<

I'm going to give you a warning this time, but any continuing behavior like this will result in a ban.
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