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Super Mario 64 SoundFont - Test MIDIs first of import them in the ROM

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Well, I created a MIDI SoundFont with Super Mario 64's instruments ripped directly from the original ROM.
Don't confuse this with Tamkis's SoundFont!


Thanks to:
  • Tamkis (aka MrTamk1s) for the idea
  • Frauber (aka messiaen) for music docs and some instruments' descriptions
  • Skelux for many instruments' descriptions
  • SubDrag for the full sound rip

I don't own the MIDI used as test in the video:
Copyright © All Rights Reserved. - EMI Music Publishing

Now I'm working on a plugin of MuseScore to export the MIDI as .m64.
I'm also creating instruments loop.
I need a list of instruments that need a loop. Can you post it here?
so you took tamkis' code and recompiled it? seems legit.
Originally posted by Kazeshin
so you took tamkis' code and recompiled it? seems legit.

Of course not! I re-done all from scratch with SubDrag's rip.
Hey, are you going to fix the pitch problem?

Also could you make it so the .sf2 can work on this android app called "LiveMIDI"

It doesn't seem to play the correct instruments and has the pitch problem.

And on FL Studio, same problem, but you're updating this right?
i like
guest6777's Youtube Channel


Kario: Hello, i love much this site Smw Central!

Link Thread Closed