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[GM8] [DEVII] Angel of Destruction (Official SMWC Thread) (looking for a new chief programmer)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you..

A WIP fangame being worked on by Myself and a dedicated team. I will list them off right here:
*FireSeraphim (Myself) (Sprite Artist, Creative Director, Level Designer, Chief Bugtester)
*Bigworm (He's no longer available due to RL issues)
*Ragont (Assistant Bugtester) (Currently waiting on a chance to get a better computer to run AOD on)
(FYI it's being developed with Dragezeey's VII Engine on GM8 Pro).

But enough talk, have at them!

Screenshots, Slightly Outdated

The Main hubmap from which your heroes can access the six worlds this fangame will contain (Be warned, It's slighty outdated). In order to get inside Dracula's Castle (which will be also be a world) you must first collect six Demon Emblems, each of these emblems symbolize aspects of Dracula
himself (Although for practical gameplay purposes they're really just a macguffin to prevent players from strait up storming the castle from the get go). A brief list of them.

The Void Emblem, The Inferno Emblem, The Shadow Emblem, The Pain Emblem, The Rage Emblem and The Malice Emblem. I have yet to decide which of the six world each of these emblems will go to but I do have a loose idea for the theme of the six world themselves.

and here's the overall world listing:
World 1: Bitteroot Vale (think the first and second stage of Super Castlevania 4 and you'll get the idea)
World 2: *Canyons with a bit of an old west/pre-columbian north america theme.
World 3: *Forests (something akin to what you would expect from European folklore, especially German folklore).
World 4: *Swampland with a sort of south american touch to it.
World 5: *Another desert-y, Mediterranean coastal world with an antiquity/medieval Spain like theme
World 6: *Icey tudra of sorts, starting off in some steppe like area then transitioning to northern ice

*These world don't have names yet

Videos, Slightly outdated:
AOD Level 1

Newer Videos:
AOD W1 "Castle"

Likewise we are looking for a new chief programmer due to bigworm leaving because of RL Issues.

We also have a demo down below, but be aware this demo is slightly outdated.